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Do you know who was the First Ghost Rider in Comics

Do you know who was the First Ghost Rider in Comics

Ghost Rider is often regarded as one of the coolest characters of the Marvel Universe. The marvel comics character was created by the trio of Gary Friedrich, Michael G. Ploog and Roy William Thomas Jr. Ghost Rider first appeared in the Marvel Comics through ‘Marvel Spotlight #5’ in 1972. However, there are several versions and variants of the Ghost Rider. Over the years many variants of Ghost Rider have appeared as antiheroes or superheroes in Marvel Comics. Do you know who was the First Ghost Rider in Comics. Well technically Johnny Blaze is the first Ghost Rider who made his debut in 1972. But according to the comics he isn’t the first Ghost Rider. The first Ghost Rider somewhat appeared in the Ice Age.

Who is the First Ghost Rider

Do you know who was the First Ghost Rider in Comics
Do you know who was the First Ghost Rider in Comics

In the comics Ghost Rider appeared in 1,000,000 BC. At that point of time the Ghost Rider’s alter ego had no name. As the concept of names didn’t exist in that era. Forget about names, in that phase humans didn’t know how to speak or make sounds. They recognised each other by their faces and smell. However, there was a young boy who was different from everybody. The boy was more intelligent than the other men in the pack. He could also speak unlike his fellow cave companions. But his uniqueness caused a mental barrier for him. Even after being in the group the boy felt isolated and alone because of his abilities.

How the Young Boy became a living Ghost

Life of the young boy takes a drastic turn of events when he meets a giant looking stranger who appears so big that he seems to be a mountain in himself. The stranger, upon his arrival in the camp, takes charge of the camp by defeating the leader of the pack. Post the fight, the young boy discovers the stranger could also speak like him. This created a connection between the two. The duo have few conversations about life and reality. But one fine day the stranger decides to kill everyone in the camp except for the boy. The young boy tries to fight back but fails to do so. The gigantic man leaves the young boy and shows mercy on him. But the mercy seemed to be more of a curse than a blessing. As the stranger quotes that now your life will be lifeless in isolation and gives the nameless boy a name “Ghost”.

Do you know who was the First Ghost Rider in Comics
Do you know who was the First Ghost Rider in Comics

The Spirit of Vengeance

After losing everything, the boy seeks for vengeance. He roams around like a ghost to find the stranger who made him a living ghost. In his journey of vengeance the boy encounters a deadly snake. This encounter with viper becomes another pivotal point for the boy aka Ghost. Post this encounter the boy appears as a burning skeleton as he wishes to seek vengeance. The isolated ghost also finds company deadly hunting Elephants. The company of the Elephant/Mammoth gives ‘Ghost’ a sense of companionship. The boy turned ghost then rides on the beast (Mammoth), “Ghost Rider”.

What makes the 1,000,000 BC Ghost Rider so special

This is a highly debatable and subjective topic; who is the best or the coolest version of Ghost Rider in the comics. As all the versions of the Ghost Rider are special but the 1,000,000 BC Ghost Rider is a class apart. His storyline, origin and traits makes him a standout version of Ghost Rider. He’s an intelligent and unique being of his times. As he’s the only man who is enabled with the skill of talking or making sounds. The man doesn’t ride a motorbike this time. Instead he rides a real beast (a Mammoth). And ultimately his faith of being alone & isolated makes for a perfect storyline. He starts as a loner and also ends up being alone, “Ghost”. So, according to you which is the coolest and scariest version of Ghost Rider?

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