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Difference Between Motivation and Discipline

Difference Between Motivation and Discipline

Difference between Motivation and Discipline

Difference between Motivation and Discipline: We want everything in our life, literally everything. From good looks to wealth, success, happiness, name, fame, everything is on our wish list. But with time our maturity grows and we understand that we can’t have it all. We as individuals need to set our priorities & goals and focus on them. Just focusing on your needs and priorities isn’t enough, you need to work to achieve the goals and objectives. These goals and objectives can’t be met without bringing in a few positive changes in your life and developing few habits. Things like motivation and discipline plays a big part in achieving your goals and objectives which will fulfil your needs that you have prioritized in life. A person’s priorities may change over the course of time but the tools (habits, mindset) of achieving it won’t. 

Motivation vs Discipline

Motivation and discipline appear to be quite similar in nature but are unique and different in reality. So, let’s understand the main reason why the similar looking traits are so different in nature. And what purpose these traits or mindsets can serve in our life.

Difference Between Motivation and Discipline
Difference Between Motivation and Discipline

Motivation is a very vague term. The state of mind or trait (motivation) is often misunderstood or mixed with different traits, habits or qualities. Motivation can be defined as a human or animal trait or function which acts as catalyst or drives them to do certain acts or activities. Motivation or motivational state can be defined as a state which allows an individual to perform certain acts or activities in a very focused manner. When an individual is motivated he/she seeks for the goal or objective and in this state the mind becomes very focused and driven towards achieving the goal or objective. 

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

Jim Rohn – Entrepreneur and self-made millionaire

Whereas discipline can be defined as a set of rules that regulates a person, society, religion or nation’s behaviour, and habits. Discipline is generally used for creating habits, time table, routine or for developing a person’s personality. It (discipline) can be invoked or created in many ways. It can also be forced or authoritative in nature where an individual or group of people are forced to follow certain rules & regulations. There is also a term known as ‘Self-discipline’ where a person takes on this process and follows discipline to achieve his/her desired results or to attain certain goals & objectives.

How Motivation and Discipline can help us

Difference Between Motivation and Discipline
Difference Between Motivation and Discipline

Discipline and Motivation are very beneficial for a person’s growth and can serve a vital role in transforming an individual’s life. A combination of the two (motivation and discipline) can work wonders for a person. The only problem is attaining the two skills or mind sets isn’t an easy task. But with time and constant practice you can attain the two traits or skills. Discipline can only be attained by regular practice with calmness & focus which requires patience. While motivation may seem as an easy task, the general motivation which a person gains from some random quote, clip, video or story is mostly short lived. A person needs long lasting motivation. Only a long lasting motivation can serve you in the long run and help you in achieving the targets & goals. There are few hacks and methods that can help you in achieving long lasting motivation, so work on them to attain a long lasting motivation.

Once you attain the two simple but phenomenal qualities or traits of motivation and discipline, things will become very smooth for you. With a motivated mindset you’ll be able to have a pump and drive for your target or goal. The motivation will help you focus on your goal with full intensity. Whereas your discipline will keep you away from any distractions and will provide the required strength & will for the completion of any act or activity.

Motivation and discipline is not just a tool for a task or objective. It’s a life skill that will help you in every aspect of life.

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