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6 bad habits that drain your energy

Bad Habits that Drain Your Energy – Selected 6

One thing that we can develop and practice effortlessly is bad habits. They are easy because they don’t require a lot of energy. However, we all know it is going to affect us in the long run. To live in the comfort of the present you are destroying the future. In this article, we are going to read about 6 bad habits that drain your energy.


Overthinking is a kind of pattern. The regular patterns of it can cause blood pressure, anxiety, low appetite, panic attacks, irritability, irregular sleep schedules, and more. Science reveals that thinking a lot more could take a toll on your usual well-being. Overthinking can get you to fixate on your past experiences which are traumatizing and not memorable. This will in every way damage your present and hence, your future. Over-analyzing things in your head will not solve any problem; rather you would start building up moments that will perhaps never happen.

Lack of Sleep - 6 Bad Habits that Drain Your Energy
Lack of Sleep – 6 Bad Habits that Drain Your Energy

Lack of Sleep

When you don’t sleep you know that you feel tired, unproductive, and cranky. Sleep deprivation can not only drain your energy, it can highly affect your mental and physical well-being. Several risks can come from lack of sleep – anxiety, paranoia, suicidal thoughts, impulsive behaviour, depression, and more. It can also affect your digestive, respiratory, immune, nervous, endocrine, and cardiovascular system.

Staying Around Negativity

A good friendship can boost happiness and your sense of belonging. Just like that toxic or negative friendship can drain your energy and make you feel miserable. Some of the factors that you might look out for to realize a toxic friend – are they behave nicely when they need something; they tend to behave like a victim even if you are talking about yourself; they always have to be the centre of the situation; realize how their friendship is affecting your daily life and more. 

Living in the Past - 6 Bad Habits that Drain Your Energy
Living in the Past – 6 Bad Habits that Drain Your Energy

Living in the Past

You cannot live in the present if you don’t move on from the past. Your every action depends on your experience. So, how do you get over this feeling? Firstly, stop ignoring your mistakes. This will only make your mental health worse and nothing else. Feel your emotions, let the tears flow, and do everything in your hand to feel better about the present. Secondly, stop being the victim. The moment you start feeling like the victim you will naturally run towards your past traumas and experiences. You have to remind yourself that you have to control your life and not be the victim. You should learn to forgive and forget, and nothing other than this is the best solution to move on from the past. Understand that you are a human and it is natural to make mistakes and learn from the mistakes.

Social Media

Social media is addictive. We all know any kind of addiction is harmful and it drains our energy. Moreover, social media triggers more sadness. Using social media as a distraction can give you more mental exhaustion and make you less and less happy. Furthermore, it gives you a constant opportunity to compare your life with others, which is mentally detrimental. Both kind of comparison – if you are better or worse than the people you see on the internet is harmful to your mental health. If you think that having more friends on social media means you are a social person, you are wrong.

Social Media - 6 Bad Habits that Drain Your Energy
Social Media – 6 Bad Habits that Drain Your Energy

Unhealthy Food Habit

In short term, bad nutrition can provide to tiredness, anxiety and a lack of ability to work. Over time, bad food habits can contribute to the threat of developing certain illnesses and other health issues such as high blood pressure, overweight or obesity, tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more. Some of the bad eating habits are – skipping breakfast, endless snacking, eating too quickly, eating junk food, night-time food, emotional eating, mindless eating, and more.

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