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Artificial Intelligence Will Help Humanity

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Humanity

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Humanity

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Humanity: AI or Artificial Intelligence is a fascinating concept in today’s world. Like science, AI also has both positive and negative effects. This has been a subject of concern for many years. However, the benefits are immense. With the pace with which digital technology is growing, it is safe to aver we have more benefits than we had in the 90s. There have been several discussions and debates about the negative aspect of such developments. The fear has reached such an extent that there is a concern about AI overpowering humanity. There are positive aspects as well. In this article, we are going to read about the top 7 benefits of Artificial Intelligence that will help humanity.

Enhancement of Automation With Artificial Intelligence

In today’s world, an AI-augmented robot can perform several automated functions without the requirement of constant human intervention. AI technologies are already being utilized to lessen human work pressure in packaging, customer service, assembly, HR, and other sectors. With the help of this employee and operational costs has reduced, bringing a rank of refined automation never seen before.

Response to Next Generation Disaster

In 2017, California witnessed major devastation due to the ambush of wildfires. Over 1 million acres of land were burned that claiming the lives of about 46 people, and the destruction of hundreds of shelters. In 2019-20, wildfires in Australia caused extreme damage and loss of life. Because of the increasing threats such as these organizations and government authorities are seeking the help of artificial intelligence to help prevent these disasters with satellite data.

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Humanity
Artificial Intelligence Will Help Humanity

Elimination of Dreary Tasks

One of the major benefits of AI is its capability to lessen the lethargy and dullness involved in work pressure. Repetitive tasks in any job are the bane of several people around the world. Human attention can be hard to sustain when it comes to recurring tasks. This is where AI comes to our rescue. Nowadays machines help us with work like data entry, freeing up space for better creative jobs.

Artificial Intelligence Can Protect Human Lives

One of the major negative aspects of AI is considered the end of humanity; these machines or robots will someday destroy or enslave all humans. However, the incorporation of AI into our everyday life can free us from several duties and responsibilities that we do not want to perform. Artificial intelligence shows mammoth potential in war as specified in the book Army of None. The author of this book, Paul Scharre stated in this book, that in near future, machine and military intelligence are anticipated to put the effort in tandem to conduct wars. Needless to say, intelligence has to go through severe ethical issues before replacing humans with a literal firing line.

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Humanity
Artificial Intelligence Will Help Humanity

Improvement of Weather Forecasting

Weather forecasting is immensely complex and it requires intensive computing and deep-learning networks that can empower computers to shift through and analyze large data far faster than humans. Climate Informatics, AI-associated technologies for weather forecasting have been proved to be beneficial, leading to a greater partnership between climate scientists and data scientists. Another application such as IBM is aimed to do better with the help of its GRAF system.

Artificial Intelligence is On-Call 24*7

Unlike humans who need to eat, rest, and sleep, AI or machines do not. As long as the AI has a supply of electricity it can function forever. This will companies and businesses with zero errors, maintain critical services, and services like helplines and more. For research and educational institutions, this benefit could lead to breakthroughs in potential discoveries that could have wide-scale benefits for humans.

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Humanity
Artificial Intelligence Will Help Humanity

Creating New Occupations

Though there are qualms regarding the elimination of jobs with the integration of AI, AI could also open new areas of occupation. From the work of maintenance and supporting roles to an entirely new sector of job that has not even started yet, AI has a lot to offer. Several start-ups are developing every day, with new technology comes new business and ideas. We need to use artificial intelligence prudently and to our benefit.

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