Do you sometimes just wonder what little thing you can do to become happy? When we seek happiness we tend to buy something or add things to our lives and create happiness. However, the key to happiness is often giving up on certain perspectives, behaviour, habits, and people. In this article, we are going to read about 8 things you need to give up to be genuinely happy.

The Need to Impress Others

When you accept the person you are, with all your strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and flaws, you become more comfortable in your skin. And when you are confident, you stop caring about what others think of you. You stop worrying if you are loved by all or not because deep down you realize that the people who judge you do not play any significant role in your life.

The Need to Be Always Right

Be willing to give up your urge to control your surroundings and people. Whether they are loved ones, strangers, or colleagues, just allow them to be. Allow everyone to be the way they are, without being judgmental or controlling about it. You will realize that this simple thing is making you a lot happier.

8 Things You Need to Give Up to be Genuinely Happy
8 Things You Need to Give Up to be Genuinely Happy


In this society, we are all rewarded for perfection. We are persistently role-playing. We try to display to the world that we do not have any flaws in the expectation that we will be liked and accepted. But our beauty genuinely lies in our complex and deep emotions, our vulnerability, and our humanness. The time we embrace who we are and decide to be true, instead of being perfect – we open doors for true connection with others. There is no need to play a character or put on a show. There is no need to pretend to be someone else.

Being a Victim

It is certainly unfortunate that bad things often happen to the good ones. Life is unfair, unjust, and unkind. However, being stuck in a victim state or mentality will prohibit you from growing and moving forward in life.

8 Things You Need to Give Up to be Genuinely Happy
8 Things You Need to Give Up to be Genuinely Happy


Blaming is a scapegoat for taking responsibility for the outcome. It is the easiest thing to do. It is easier to blame somebody else than to question yourself. Blaming does not help you or the person you are blaming in any way. There is no winner in the blame game. It causes a good amount of stress and energy. It restricts you from moving ahead and finding a solution.

Feeling Entitled

Whenever you see or approach life in a manner as if you are owed things, there is a higher risk of feeling disappointed time and time again. Just know that nobody owes you anything. When you are grateful for the life you have and satisfied with whatever you own, everything will be more pleasing and positive.

8 Things You Need to Give Up to be Genuinely Happy
8 Things You Need to Give Up to be Genuinely Happy

Self-Defeating Self-Talk

You would be surprised to know that you are one of the millions who are having bad days just because of their polluted self-deprecating self-talks. Stop believing everything that your mind is telling you. You do not have to believe all the negative things you are thinking about yourself, you are better than that.


This is one of the hardest parts of growing up but certainly not impossible. You get better with time. The moment you detach yourself from everything, it does not mean you stop believing in love. Love and attachment have nothing to do with each other. Attachment comes from a place of fear but love is compassionate and selfless. You become more empathetic, tolerant, and peaceful with your life. You will be able to understand everything without trying too hard.

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