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8 Things to do When You are Lacking Motivation

8 Things to do When You are Lacking Motivation

8 Things to do When You are Lacking Motivation

8 Things to do When You are Lacking Motivation: Life can become lifeless if you lack motivation in life. Motivation is very important in an individual’s life. We often lose our motivation and drive in life. Generally motivation in most people is a short lived emotion. People get motivation from certain books, speeches, conversations or events but mostly it doesn’t last long. A long lasting motivation can be a game changer in any person’s life. A highly motivated individual can even turn impossible looking tasks into reality. Many believe motivation is gifted or natural but it’s something that a person attains over time from his/her mind set, behavior and attitude. These are ways to boost your motivation. Here are 8 hacks that can uplift your motivation. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself

At times we are too hard on ourselves. We start over analyzing our actions and focus too much on the results. There is no harm in setting parameters and following them. But getting too strict with the parameters can even  hamper mental and emotional well being. Being too hard on yourself may kill your drive and motivation in life. Always remember that you are a human not a machine. 

8 Things to do When You are Lacking Motivation
8 Things to do When You are Lacking Motivation

Stay away from negativity

Negativity can badly damage your motivation and drive. Negativity can sucks up all your positivity, good vibes and motivation. It has many points of origin, negativity can come from different means and ways like your own thoughts, people, toxic work culture, pressure situations. Staying away from negativity can be a big boon for any individual’s motivation. So, if you lack motivation try avoiding negativity as much as you can.

Know your true passion and Wish

Know what’s your true calling. Having a clarity of what you want to do in life and what are your wishes makes things easy for an individual in life. At times being clueless about life and work in general can make a person’s emotions go low and make him/her feel unmotivated in life. Not having clarity about life and work is a big reason for many, who lack motivation.

Write & Visualize

When you lack motivation, writing and visualizing about it may help you. It’s often seen that writing heals and lightens your pain. It also gives you clarity. This is the reason that many people do daily journaling or maintain a diary. Writing is believed to be a stress buster. Writing and Visualizing can even give you a better understanding of your problems.

8 Things to do When You are Lacking Motivation
8 Things to do When You are Lacking Motivation

Identify the root cause

Identifying the root cause of your lack of motivation is very important. If you wish to establish long lasting motivation you need to know the root cause of your demotivated state. Once you become aware of your main problem and root cause, it becomes easy to find solutions and start working on the main issue.

Find the triggers

Once you find your root cause of the lacking motivation. You need to find the triggers that elevates your unmotivated state or kills your motivation and drive. Every person has a different trigger point. For overcoming any bad habit or bad trait you need to know your triggers. A trigger point for an individual can be something small and silly like a certain food that the individual dislikes. It can also be something complicated and intense like past traumas or memories.

Take small steps

A mistake that many people make is trying to fix everything at once. You need to understand that habits and patterns are not formed overnight. When something isn’t formed overnight then how will you change or fix it overnight. Changes do take time, so be patient and don’t try enforcing too many changes at once. An overnight transformation will likely fail and will create a sense of defeat and failure within you. This will seriously hamper your motivation. So, always take small steps in the process of transformation.

8 Things to do When You are Lacking Motivation
8 Things to do When You are Lacking Motivation

Try to maintain a time table & schedule

A schedule or routine in life is very essential for any individual. There are many scenarios where everything in a person’s life is good except a functional daily schedule. Sometimes not having any proper thing to do or being ideal and not being certain about what to do next may become reason for lack of motivation. So, always have a schedule, it need not be a work schedule but knowing what’s coming next helps our mind to be prepared for the upcoming task or events. 

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