Public speaking is one of the toughest arts or professions out there. It may seem simple and appear to be an easy job. But once you step on the stage or face the crowd you’ll understand what it takes to be a public speaker. Public speaking is a very wired skill set at times, especially when you see someone giving long lectures or narration in public with ease. And on the other hand you even fail to deliver a JAM session (Just a minute). But we always tend to forget the backstory or struggles of the person. The preparation is overlooked and results are debated & celebrated. Being a good public speaker is a tough task, it requires a lot of hard work. However, it can be attained by certain simple means. So, here are 5 ways to improve your Public Speaking skills.


The art of storytelling is very important for a public speaker. You should know how to connect people with you. Through your storytelling you can also engage with audiences. A good storyteller can involve and attract the audience’s focus towards himself/herself. If you just deliver a script or narration without binding components and stories, it will become monotonous and boring. Eventually people will lose interest and the public speaking session will turn into a nightmare for you. Always try to engage people through your storytelling skills. Never overload the audiences with too much information and facts at once. Facts & info are good information overload is a terrible idea. People remember stories for ages and forget facts & data in seconds. So, always bind your points in a storytelling format.

5 Ways to Improve your Public Speaking Skills
5 Ways to Improve your Public Speaking Skills

Work on your body language and soft skills

One of the main fears faced by many while speaking in public is stage or crowd fear. Many people are good speakers but get nervous in front of a crowd or fail to perform when under the spotlight. One of the main reasons for it is being too conscious about your looks and appearance. If you think you can hide your nervousness, then you are totally wrong because you can’t hide it. Your body language and facial expressions always showcase and portray your nervousness. Knowing how to control & manage your body language and soft skills while public speaking can drastically improve your public speaking skills. Things like hand gestures, movement, eye contact play a vital role in public speaking. It also makes your sessions more engaging and organic in nature.

Research and prepare well

As the saying goes, if you fail to prepare then you are preparing to fail. You need to research well about your topic, audience and about the place where you’ll be delivering your speech. A backdrop of everything is very important, you may or may not use it is up to you. Even if you are very well researched or know almost everything about your subject or topic then also you need to prepare well. From your pointers, to your voice modulation you need to prepare for everything before things take place. Making on spot changes and adjustments during public speaking can be nerve racking.

5 Ways to Improve your Public Speaking Skills
5 Ways to Improve your Public Speaking Skills

Evaluate and improve

You can’t become a good public speaker overnight. It needs constant improvement. And for improvement you need to evaluate yourself and your previous work (speeches). By constant improvement and valuation only you will be able to reach a certain level. Improvement is essential, even if it’s a tiny tilt in the positive direction. Small changes and regular improvement may not appear significant in the initial days but will surely be the game changer one day.


Practice Practice and Practice, that’s it. Any skill starts with practice, enhances with practice and even remains on the top because of regular practice only. There is no alternative for practice, especially in the case of Public speaking you need to regularly practice. Even after attaining a position one should always focus on the process and for that you need to practice your skill set on a regular basis.

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