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5 best eBook readers for PC in 2022

5 Best Ebook Readers for PC in 2022

EBook reading is a great way to study literature or books that you want to read because eBooks are a lot cheaper than printed paperbacks. Here is a list of the 5 best eBook readers for PC in 2022.

Kindle for PC

5 Best Ebook Readers for PC in 2022 - Kindle for PC
5 Best Ebook Readers for PC in 2022 – Kindle for PC

Amazon’s official Kindle app which is available in Windows, Mac as well as cell phone devices – seems stylish, smart. Although it bothers the readers with reading suggestions from the store, the pitch of the sales is not too high. The readers would not need to go through an entire procedure of setup in case you already have an Amazon account. You just have to log in with your username and password and you would be able to see the books and shelves automatically. The feature of notes, color-changing, font and text changing, text-to-speech, bookmarks, and flashcards are also available which is a great help for students and readers using digital platforms to get their studies done.


5 Best Ebook Readers for PC in 2022 -Calibre
5 Best Ebook Readers for PC in 2022 – Calibre

This is an open-source eBook reader and manager that is lightning-fast. Unlike many other free eBook reading applications, Calibre supports the AWZ format of Amazon, although it will not display the DRM-protected files. It also supports most of the other eBook reading files, and in case any metadata is lost, such as cover art or genre, you can include it yourself utilizing the bookshelf’s options menu. One of the best features of this application is the feature of reference display, it helps a lot with citations.

Icecream Ebook Reader

Icecream Ebook Reader
5 Best Ebook Readers for PC in 2022 – Icecream Ebook Reader

This eBook reader supports formats like MOBI, EPUB, PDF, and FB2. When importing your choice of books, it gets arranged in an easy display of bookshelf and it gives you options for viewing as per your preference. One handy characteristic of this application is the capability to export and archive your eBooks; it is ideal if you use two pc and avoid the bother of importing the books twice, however it has no cloud syncing. It is a lot like the Kindle app in appearance as it opens the options of changing color, theme, text, and font size in just a single click. The free version of this eBook reader is easy to use and quick. It lacks the feature of copying and note-taking which could be a matter of annoyance.


5 Best Ebook Readers for PC in 2022 - Freda
5 Best Ebook Readers for PC in 2022 – Freda

This eBook reader integrates with Project Gutenberg, providing you access to thousands of free eBooks, and Smashwords where you would be able to find independent publishers and writers. With the use of recent formats, Freda also enables you to connect Freda with dropbox, letting you access books from several other devices. It supports highlighting, annotations, and bookmarks making the reading experience digital yet quite realistic.

Sumatra PDF

Sumatra is an amazing little eBook reader, this application is capable of displaying MOBI and EPUB formats, it also displays formats like CBZ for comic books and also CBR comic books. It is a portable application so you can also save the PDF to a cloud storage service or USB stick and utilize it on any kind of PC. You can even savor PDFs at the same location without the requirement of syncing to your library. It also has all other basic features, in case you would like to change the color of the page, you need to find the hex code for your preferred color or shade.

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