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10 Topics You Can Touch As A First Time Writer

10 Topics You Can Touch As A First Time Writer

Writing for the first time can be hard for most people. Sometimes there are loose ideas and concepts, but you’re unable to verbalize them. Sometimes, the words are flowing but you just don’t know what to write about. The fact is, some topics are easier to write about than others, depending on the kind of writer you are. That is why, before writing, you must know yourself well. If you’re imaginative, you’ll make a good fantasy writer. If you’re introspective and smart, maybe non-fiction is the genre for you. In any case, you must be passionate about what you choose to write about. Today, we’ve made a list of 10 topics you can touch as a first time writer. Topics that are easy to write about for first timers. These can be used in various combinations as well.

Personal experiences

It’s easiest to write about your own experiences – not just any experiences, but those that have moved you and influenced you deeply. Maybe it was a romantic relationship, or an incident that occurred in the family. There has to be something that has happened in your life that shook you to the core. Chances are, you’ll be great at writing about it. You will have felt these experiences intensely and lived them fully, hence putting them into words will be relatively easy as well. So, try this exercise – close your eyes and think about the time you felt happiest. Then try the same with moments that made you saddest, angriest, most embarrassed and so on. Then write about that.


Nature is one of the simplest yet most beautiful topics to write about. Plus, nature itself serves as an inspiration, so you wont need to rack your brains too hard. Eco-fiction is on the rise with climate change and environmental degradation anyway. To become well versed with this, select a time of the day you feel most peaceful – mornings, evenings or even midnight. Then go out, sit at your window or in your balcony and observe the surrounds. Your view doesn’t have to be great. Just notice the natural sights, sounds, textures, and feelings. Then write about that.


This is perhaps the favourite subject of every poet and writer – love has been written upon extensively. Perhaps more extensively than anything else. Rainer Maria Rilke suggests that beginners should stay away from this topic because it requires complexity and depth to make it stand out from what has already been written. However. We believe that love is one of the must fundamental and abundant feelings in the world, and one that is universal. Hence it’s easier to articulate it. And it’s likely that it will resonate with people despite their age, class, religion and gender – broadening your target audience.

10 Topics You Can Touch As A First Time Writer
10 Topics You Can Touch As A First Time Writer


Writing about families is surprisingly easy, especially in the Indian context. This is because we still have joint families with lots of interesting members with distinct personalities. Moreover, family dynamics are quite complicated and twister, allowing lots of material for you to write. This means that content isn’t something you need to worry about – you can focus your energies on language and style.

Unlikely relationships

This is a particularly interesting topic to write about, and one that requires you to be observant. Noticing the nuances of relationships in the world around you is a great exercise for writers. Being aware if interactions, and reflecting on them will probably spark a lot of great ideas to write about. This also requires you to be sensitive and attuned to the feelings of others, so this will also make you a better person in the process! This topic is also fulfilling to write about, as a writer.

Interesting personalities

Everywhere you go, you will encounter people different from you. Interacting with such people and opening yourself up to them and lapping everything they have to say is crucial. Think about the most weird or unique person you know, and start by characterizing them. This strategy will work exceptionally well for character driven poems and stories.

Travel and adventure experiences

Some of the best books in the world have been written on travel and its transformative power. Think back upon the best trip of your life. Then try to write about how it changed you as a person. You could also try to articulate it into words and build a story around it. You can also use this is combination with the previous prompt. – interesting characters going on a life-changing journey (inner or outer). Who wouldn’t want to write (and read) that?

10 Topics You Can Touch As A First Time Writer
10 Topics You Can Touch As A First Time Writer


Art is something you can write about endlessly if you’re an artist at heart. And all writers are artists of the mind right? Think about which art form appeals to you the most. It could be music or painting or literature or dance. It could be anything under the sun – but it must be something that you truly enjoy and something that makes you feel. Then try to write about it – it could be philosophical or meditative or fictitious. You could also ideate a mystery or thriller plot involving this crucial element.

Identity and its exploration

Identity is a very accessible topic to write about because it already exists within you. Coming-of-age stories are not only very popular but also very intimate and personal. Especially if you have a unique story of identity to tell, due to belonging to a specific race or gender or caste, your story will be extremely powerful and hard-hitting.


This topic caters to lovers of non-fiction books. If you’re specialized in a certain field or knowledgeable about a certain subject, or even if you have a lot of experience in a niche area, this would be a great option. It doubly helps if you love that particular subject or are interested in it because that will reflect in the writing.

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