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10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman

10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman

10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman

10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman: Following the destruction of his planet, Superman arrived on Earth. The good news is that he was raised by loving individuals who gave him the name Clark and instructed him to use his powers for the greater good. Superman appeared to be impenetrable for a while. Supervillains started to recognize his flaws as soon as his Kryptonian heritage became public, though.

Even foes who were significantly weaker began to challenge Superman with the plethora of weapons having Krypton at their disposal. A world without the green mineral, though, might be imagined. The invigorating force Superman would grow to be. The Man of Steel might still be defeated, even without kryptonite, by some incredibly powerful beings.

Scarlet Witch

10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman - Scarlet Witch
10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman – Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch has demonstrated her strength by demonstrating that she can hold her own against the best Marvel competitors. Scarlet Witch demonstrated amply that she could easily overthrow the Illuminati in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Another character in the movie is a spoof of Captain Marvel, who is defeated by Scarlet Witch by absorbing her abilities.

The same is possible for Kal-El with Wanda. It just remains to be seen how she decides to weaken him, given that the Sun is the source of all his power. Her chaotic magic strikes against him even without her reality-bending abilities. Her strikes will do more than enough harm to him because magic is his weakness. The outcome of the fight will depend on who gains control first because the Kryptonian is obviously not a pushover.

Doctor Manhattan

Doctor Manhattan
Doctor Manhattan

Jonathan Osterman is among the few superheroes on Earth who have turned into a terrifying force of nature. His corporeal presence was destroyed as a result of a nuclear experiment gone bad. Only his overwhelming energy remained. The result was the creation of Doctor Manhattan.

The skills that Dr. Manhattan possesses are terrifying. Naturally, Superman sans kryptonite was easily defeated by Manhattan. Doctor Manhattan was taken aback by Superman’s inherent bravery, yet even so, he prevailed over him in their Doomsday Clock fight without ever using his fist.

Captain Marvel

10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman - Captain Marvel
10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman – Captain Marvel

Given that Captain Marvel certainly shares the Good Samaritan’s psychological flaws, it will be difficult to convince others of this. However, neither will run out of gas anytime soon due to their equal amounts of strength, endurance, and competence.

The Man of Steel can only be defeated by Captain Marvel using energy absorption. Captain Marvel, a Kree-Human hybrid, is a cosmic-level superhero who has overcome even greater challenges. Although Superman truly is the pinnacle of strength, if Captain Marvel can find a way to depower him, it’s game over for him.



As a result of his experiences with Brainiac, Superman is familiar with robotic entities. Vision, on the other hand, is completely unique. He has more strength than people realize since he has the ability to change his body’s density, turning it into something as heavy as stone or as hard as steel. His energy blasts have the potential to be exceedingly dangerous, but he has defeated cosmic entities.

The ability of Vision to become invisible would allow him to dodge many of Superman’s attacks, which is another significant advantage. He could possibly kill Superman just by reaching through his body and grabbing his heart if he so desired. Really, don’t tamper with your vision.


10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman - Thor
10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman – Thor

The Man of Steel has already faced the God of Thunder. Thor and Kal-El engaged in a brutal battle with the JLA/Avengers. Before the Kryptonian lifted Mjolnir and also caught it in midair, he was on the losing end of the battle.

That combat was won by Kal-El. However, when the narrative comes to an end, Thor informs him that Odin was the one who gave him permission to raise the hammer previously because he was unable to do so again. Thor knew he wasn’t really attempting to win, so he was gracious in accepting his defeat. Even The Man of Steel claims that Thor is the toughest foe he has confronted ever. 

Captain Atom

Captain Atom
Captain Atom

When Captain Atom made it to the Quantum World, he acquired the ability to control incredible amounts of energy. There is no energy in this at all. The hero has used it for a variety of things, including attempting to make his fantasies come true.

Superman needs to work exceedingly hard to damage Captain Atom because of how strong and resilient he is. His durability and strength are absolutely unmatched. And even without kryptonite, Captain Atom can defeat Superman thanks to his other powers. However, the conflict would be brutal.

Professor X

10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman - Professor X
10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman – Professor X

Superman might be more powerful and faster than nearly every X-Man, and if necessary, he could probably take out the entire Xavier’s School for Gifted Kids. His intellect, though, is a different matter. Superman has admitted that being under someone else’s power is among his biggest fears. His vulnerability to telepathic assaults has been proven.

The most powerful telepath on Earth might thus be able to overcome him. The strongest telepath on Earth might therefore be able to defeat him. Although Xavier prefers not to misuse his abilities, he may be compelled to do so in order to distract Superman if he encounters him. In a mental conflict, Xavier may easily win; Superman can triumph in a physical conflict.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange
10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has a plethora of advantages over Superman. He is a superb strategist who can change reality. He is the greatest sorcerer ever. Superman would have no alternative but to bear the damage because magic is his inherent weakness.

Additionally, Doctor Strange has a lot to offer. He can create a deadly scenario that would destroy the Man of Steel by merely evaluating the millions of realities where Kal-El loses using the Time Stone.

Doctor Fate

10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman - Doctor Fate
10 Superheroes who can defeat Superman – Doctor Fate

Kent Nelson was among the first superheroes to acquire the Helmet of Nabu and transform into Doctor Fate. Doctor Fate is able to perform amazing magical feats thanks to the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny which would rival Superman’s might.

Superman has won in a lot of situations just by outpacing Doctor Fate in speed. Superman’s weakness against magic would leave him open to all of Doctor Fate’s attacks as he is among the DC’s most powerful spellcasters and has the time to craft the required spells.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider

A fascinating challenger for Superman would be Ghost Rider. The Penance Stare, which makes a victim feel all the suffering they have caused others, is his most notorious skill. Although it might not be effective on someone as honorable as Superman, Ghost Rider also possesses superhuman strength, and his mystical flames would harm Big Blue more severely than normal fire.

His motorcycle serves as a wrecking ram from hell and his chain works as a deadly weapon. Ghost Rider is able to withstand Superman’s strikes and keeps attacking him. The fact that the man briefly ruled over Hell demonstrates his ability to treat Superman harshly.

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