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10 Most Powerful Symbiotes

10 Most Powerful Symbiotes

The Klyntar aka Symbiotes are a race of extraterrestrial parasites. This species of parasites have been depicted in Marvel Comics. Many of the Symbiotes account for some of the most interesting and strongest characters in the Marvel Universe. It is believed that there are more than 40 Symbiotes in the Marvel Universe. So, today let’s discuss about 10 Most Powerful Symbiotes of the Marvel Universe.


10 Most Powerful Symbiotes – Venom

Venom is the poster boy of Symbiotes. He is the most popular and known Symbiote character of the Marvel Universe. Venom made his first full fledged appearance in the comic book ‘The Amazing Spider-Man #299’ in 1988. The symbiote is capable of shapeshifting and can also empower its host with enhanced physical strength. Apart from this Venom can also mimic the appearance of other humanoids after it has obtained a host. When talking about brute strength and powers, Venom isn’t the best Symbiotes out there. But Venom when combined with Eddie Brock forms a lethal combination which is capable of bringing any opponent on their knees. The will, aspiration and dedication makes the duo do extraordinary things, even defeating opponents stronger than themselves. The duo (Venom) even defeated Knull.


10 Most Powerful Symbiotes - Knull
10 Most Powerful Symbiotes – Knull

He is the evil & sinister God of Darkness and the creator & master of Symbiotes. Knull is perhaps the strongest Symbiote out there. The God of Darkness is almost immortal in nature. Knull and his Dark Empire have been in existence for more than a Billion years. He has had a long rivalry with Venom and also acts as an unseen enemy of Thor in the comics. As he (Knull) strives to kill various deities. The God of Darkness is one of the most evil and dangerous characters of the Marvel Universe.


10 Most Powerful Symbiotes – Grendel

Grendel is a symbiote-dragon which was created by God of Darkness and the master of Symbiotes ‘Knull’. Knull created the monstrous creature to sustain his Empire of Darkness. As the light was spreading across the universe. Grendel is a monstrous dragon symbiote who needs no host to activate his powers. This monstrous evil creature is the biggest weapon in Knull’s arsenal. Grendel plays a pivotal role in the war of darkness against light.


10 Most Powerful Symbiotes - Bedlam 
10 Most Powerful Symbiotes – Bedlam 

All thanks to the Garden of Time, we get to meet another King in Black ‘Bedlam’. Bedlam is the King in Black in another future timeline. Eddie encountered his counterpart via Garden of Time. Bedlam is an extremely strong Symbiote. In terms of abilities and powers, Bedlam appears as a futuristic version of Brock. The powerful King in Black ‘Bedlam’ is a perfect opponent for our very own King in Black ‘Eddie Brock’.



The symbiote is the son of Carnage and grandson of Venom. Toxin is often regarded as one of the strongest symbiotes in the universe. His potential and power even scares the creator of symbiotes. As Toxin’s brute power and strength can even give Knull a run for his money. The symbiote is trained by Venom himself and is attached with NYC’s cop ‘Patrick Mulligan’. However, Toxin barely uses his powers to full potential. All thanks to Pat’s child-like personality and kind nature.


10 Most Powerful Symbiotes - Carnage
10 Most Powerful Symbiotes – Carnage

Carnage is arguably Venom’s most dangerous offspring and one of his biggest enemies. The two have battled out for long. Carnage became one of the most vicious villains of the Marvel Universe after being attached to a host like Cletus Kasady. Kasady was a lethal blood-lusting serial killer which enhanced the symbiotes’ evil intensity. This association makes Carnage more dangerous and scary in nature. Carnage used to shape his limbs as solid weapons and travel phone wires to attack people on the other side of the line. The symbiote is unpredictable and evil to the core.


10 Most Powerful Symbiotes – Anti-Venom

Anti-Venom is a unique symbiote as it is not created by Knull and isn’t even an organic offspring of some symbiote. Anti-Venom was created when Brock’s cancer was cured with help of Mister Negative’s healing powers. In this phase Brock’s was associated with Venom. Brock’s antibodies dissolved and mutated with Venom which gave birth to a unique symbiote known as Anti-Venom. With his powers  Anti-Venom can cure people affected by things like radioactivity, parasites, diseases, and drugs.


10 Most Powerful Symbiotes – Scream

Scream was created by an evil organization (Life Foundation) they used traces of Venom which were extracted from Eddie. This is the reason that the lab created symbiote is one of the most unstable symbiotes out there. But with that ‘Scream’ is also an extremely powerful symbiote. Like Medusa, this symbiote also uses her hairs as a weapon for killing people by choking them with her hairs.


10 Most Powerful Symbiotes – Sleeper

Sleeper is the youngest son of Venom. He was allowed to reside in a safe environment before being attached with any host. This is a reason that the symbiote did not become a killing machine like his counterpart parasites. This doesn’t mean that Sleeper lacks powers and potential. He too has great powers and potential like his father and brother. Sleeper is associated with a host named ‘Tel-Kar’ who’s a Kree warrior.

Venomsaurus Rex

10 Most Powerful Symbiotes - Venomsaurus Rex
10 Most Powerful Symbiotes – Venomsaurus Rex

Venomsaurus Rex is a symbiote which enhances the physical strength of the host. It provides the host with superpowers. Most symbiotes increase the host’s rage and anger. And being parasites their abilities can drastically change according to the host’s capabilities and size. So, just imagine what would happen if the parasite species chooses a deadly dinosaur as its host. Things will definitely go out of control. This incident took place in the Old Man Logan storyline where we witnessed the Venomsaurus Rex for the first time. Seeing this monster on the big screen will be a visual treat for the audiences. It would be like Jurassic Park, like experience with Marvel Superheroes.

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