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10 Best Non-Disney Animated Movie Songs of All Time

10 Best Non-Disney Animated Movie Songs of All Time

Soul stirring music, catchy but relatable lyrics, and songs which scream fun are characteristics of most animated movies. When it comes to memorable tunes in animated movies, Disney often gets the lion’s share of attention but there are spectacular songs hidden in non-Disney animated films that have the power to move, inspire, and delight. In our latest blog post, “10 Best Non-Disney Animated Movie Songs of All Time,” we bring to you a list that celebrates the diversity and richness of music in animation, outside the Disney world. From heart-warming ballads to infectious pop hits, these songs have not only defined their respective films but have also captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Somewhere Out There (An American Tail)

10 Best Non-Disney Animated Movie Songs of All Time – Somewhere Out There

“Somewhere Out There” from “An American Tail” has this beautiful way of tugging at your heartstrings. The song encapsulates the touching story of Fievel and Tanya, two siblings separated but bound together by the promise of reunion under the same shining moon and starry sky. It’s the perfect backdrop to their journey, embodying that poignant mix of hope and sadness that runs through the film. The melody is gentle, the lyrics heartfelt, and together they create this tender moment that resonates with anyone who’s ever missed someone they love. It’s one of those songs that feels like a warm hug, leaving you with a lump in your throat and a smile on your face, long after the last note has played.

When You Believe (The Prince of Egypt)

When You Believe

In “The Prince of Egypt,” the moment “When You Believe” starts playing, there’s this instant elevation in the atmosphere. This song beautifully mirrors the transformation happening on the screen as Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt, symbolizing the monumental shift from oppression to freedom. The lyrics talk about miracles and the strength found in faith, echoing the movie’s central theme. It’s not just about the literal belief in a higher power, but also about the belief in the possibility of change and the strength we find when we come together. The impact of the song is magnified by its placement in a pivotal scene, making it a crucial element in conveying the depth of emotion and significance of the moment.

Once Upon a December (Anastasia)

10 Best Non-Disney Animated Movie Songs of All Time – Once Upon a December

The haunting beauty of a lost past and the yearning for a forgotten identity come alive in the ballroom scene of “Anastasia.” As the character twirls through the empty, grandiose space, “Once Upon a December” plays. The song is just beautiful, with its soft, lilting melody that makes you feel like you’re waltzing along with them. The lyrics and melody intertwine with the visuals of dancing ghosts, seamlessly blending past and present, dreams and reality. The song is a bridge that connects Anastasia to her past, unlocking the door to memories long buried, and acting as a catalyst for her journey of self-discovery. In this moment, the music isn’t just a background element; it is a character in itself, telling a story of loss, hope, and the power of remembering who we are.

If We Hold on Together (The Land Before Time)

If We Hold on Together

Facing the enormous challenges of their prehistoric world, Littlefoot and his pals find solace and guidance in the song “If We Hold on Together.” This beautiful ballad, with its uplifting melody and encouraging lyrics, serves as a comforting reminder to the young dinosaurs, and to us all, of the importance of friendship and unity in the face of adversity. The lyrics, filled with wisdom, act like a comforting friend assuring us that, regardless of the obstacles, everything will be alright if we have our friends by our side. This moment is a true embodiment of the movie’s essence, leaving the audience feeling uplifted and ready to face any challenge, as long as they’re not alone.

Can’t Stop the Feeling! (Trolls)

10 Best Non-Disney Animated Movie Songs of All Time – Can’t Stop the Feeling!

In the vibrant world of “Trolls,” the song “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” acts as an anthem of joy and celebration. This upbeat track perfectly encapsulates the movie’s theme of finding happiness and letting loose, encouraging everyone to dance, sing, and embrace the positivity that surrounds us. The infectious rhythm and catchy lyrics make it impossible not to tap your feet and join in on the fun. As the colourful trolls break into dance, the audience is swept up in the energy and excitement, becoming part of this lively and jubilant community.

Life is a Magic Thing (FernGully: The Last Rainforest)

Life is a Magic Thing

The song “Life is a Magic Thing” truly captures the enchanting atmosphere of “FernGully: The Last Rainforest.” In the film, the lush, vibrant world of FernGully is threatened by deforestation, and it’s up to the fairy inhabitants and their human ally to save their home. “Magic” encapsulates the wonder and beauty of the rainforest, highlighting the need to preserve this precious ecosystem. The melody is captivating, and the lyrics paint a vivid picture of the magical world of FernGully, reminding us of the importance of harmony between humans and nature.

It’s Tough to Be a God (The Road to El Dorado)

10 Best Non-Disney Animated Movie Songs of All Time – It’s Tough to Be a God

Basking in the glory of being mistaken for deities, Miguel and Tulio find themselves in a comical predicament that’s perfectly encapsulated in the song “It’s Tough to Be a God.” With its lively melody and clever lyrics, this musical number is a highlight of “The Road to El Dorado,” providing a fun and entertaining glimpse into the minds of the two protagonists. As they revel in the luxury and power that comes with their divine status, they also grapple with the moral implications of their grand deception. This internal conflict, coupled with the humour and adventure that pervade the movie, is brilliantly conveyed through the song, making it a memorable moment in the film.

Now and Forever (The Pebble and the Penguin)

Now and Forever

In a world blanketed in snow and ice, two hearts find each other, and the sweet strains of “Now and Forever” wrap around them like a warm embrace. This beautiful ballad perfectly captivates the depth of Hubie and Marina’s bond and the dreams they have of a future together. As their tender moments unfold on screen, the melody and lyrics of the song enhance the emotional weight of their relationship, encapsulating the promise of love that’s everlasting. It’s a touching reminder of the lengths one will go to protect and cherish love, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and adding an extra layer of depth to the charming tale of “The Pebble and the Penguin.”

Accidentally in Love (Shrek 2)

10 Best Non-Disney Animated Movie Songs of All Time – Accidentally in Love

In a world where fairy tales are turned on their heads, “Shrek 2” takes us on a roller-coaster ride of humour, adventure, and romance. At the heart of this whirlwind journey is the catchy and upbeat song “Accidentally in Love,” which perfectly captures the unconventional love story of Shrek and Fiona. As we see them blissfully enjoying their honeymoon, this song adds an extra layer of joy and celebration to the scene. The energetic melody and playful lyrics appreciating their relationship, show us that love can be unexpected, unconventional, and completely wonderful.

All-Star (Shrek)


“All-Star” by Smash Mouth sets the stage for the entire film right from the opening scene. This energetic and catchy tune introduces us to the unique world of “Shrek,” as we see our green ogre protagonist contentedly living in his swamp. The song’s upbeat melody and irreverent lyrics encapsulate Shrek’s carefree attitude and perfectly complement the movie’s modern twist on the traditional fairy tale genre.

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