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10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily

10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily

Welcome to our rundown of the “10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily.” Anime, as a medium, is not shy about presenting a wide range of character emotions. Some characters exude tranquility, embodying the calm before the storm. However, this list focuses on those at the opposite end of the spectrum – the ones who wear their emotions on their sleeves, and are prone to spectacular, unexpected outbursts.

These short-tempered characters are a vital part of their respective shows, creating moments that oscillate between hilarity and sheer terror. One moment, their irate outbursts leave audiences in fits of laughter; the next, they’re sending shivers down our spines as they lose control, posing a formidable threat to those around them. This unique blend of comedy and terror, served up by their volatile tempers, often becomes a defining trait of their characters, making them unforgettable.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki

The cheerful ninja Naruto, usually maintains a jovial demeanor. However, danger to his friends stirs his blood, leading to the engulfing of his persona by Kurama’s chakra. His admirable concern for others sometimes leads him into blind fury, causing him to leap into battle without a strategy and corner himself.

A prominent instance of Naruto’s quick temper leading to a lack of strategy can be seen when he discovers Deidara perched on a lifeless Gaara. Despite Kakashi’s cautionary advice that an unplanned attack on Deidara would be destined for failure, Naruto’s anger overrides his strategic senses.


10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily - Gian
10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily – Gian

In Doraemon, Gian often stirs trouble, instilling fear in other children with his imposing stature and aggressive demeanor. His physical prowess, combined with a volatile temper, makes him a character others would do well to steer clear of. To put it simply, anyone daring enough to cross paths with Gian runs the risk of getting hurt.

Nobita, the protagonist, frequently falls prey to Gian’s bullying and struggles to assert himself. As a result, every encounter with Gian plunges Nobita into a troublesome situation. Given Gian’s strength, he can easily overpower Nobita, causing further distress for our main character.

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

Speed-o'-Sound Sonic
Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

In One-Punch Man, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic takes immense pride in his speed. However, when he realizes that Saitama can counter his rapid strikes, insecurity creeps in. This fuels his decision to consider Saitama his sworn enemy. Despite Sonic’s superhuman speed, he falls short in matching Saitama’s swiftness. In a bid to someday defeat Saitama, Sonic dedicates himself to rigorous training.

Yet, every time Sonic challenges Saitama, the latter dismisses him effortlessly. Saitama can even deflect Sonic’s surprise attacks, easily blocking any kick or punch Sonic aims at him. In conclusion, Sonic’s chances of triumphing over Saitama appear practically nonexistent.

Damian Desmond

10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily - Damian Desmond
10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily – Damian Desmond

The Spy X Family, Damian Desmond feels immense pressure to live up to his older brother, an Imperial Scholar at Eden Academy. He harbors lofty ambitions of emulating his brother’s success, which fuels his excessive pride and makes him intolerant of any obstacles in his path. Damian’s wealthy background leads him to demand utmost respect from everyone around him. This explains his fury towards Anya Forger, who consistently irritates him and seeks his attention, much to his annoyance.



Leorio, one of the main protagonists in Hunter X Hunter, initially considers Gon, Killua, and Kurapika nuisances and loses his temper around them, but he eventually warms up to his teammates. However, although he forms strong bonds with them, he still loses his temper quite often. Leorio cannot stay still whenever anyone threatens his friends, showing that he swears loyalty toward his comrades. Even though Leorio shouts a lot, he is the type of character who would go above and beyond to protect those dear to him.

Sasuke Uchiha

10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily - Sasuke Uchiha
10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily – Sasuke Uchiha

The most skilled ninja among his peers Sasuke Uchiha. His ultimate goal is to avenge his clan and take down his older brother, Itachi Uchiha, who was involved in the Uchiha Massacre. Any hint of someone surpassing him fills Sasuke with self-doubt and a deep fear of never attaining the strength necessary to defeat Itachi.

As a result, when Sasuke witnesses Naruto’s significant growth, their once-friendly rivalry dissipates, giving way to mounting tension between them. Driven by this internal turmoil, Sasuke seeks training from Orochimaru and ultimately forsakes his friends in the Leaf Village.

Sakuragi Hanamichi

Sakuragi Hanamichi
Sakuragi Hanamichi

The Series Slam Dunk, Sakuragi Hanamichi, a complete basketball novice, joins the Shohoku High School team and frequently finds himself embroiled in quarrels and rivalries with his teammates. Regardless of being a first-year, he refuses to yield to authority and occasionally challenges Akagi, his team captain.

Wherever Sakuragi goes, chaos seems to follow, as even the slightest issues easily irritate him. One prominent example is his deliberate attempts to provoke Rukawa, the team’s most popular member. This sparks numerous comical scenes featuring heated clashes between the two players.


10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily - Insouke
10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily – Insouke

Inosuke vigorously strives to establish his dominance over Tanjiro and other characters, deriving immense pride from his combat prowess. Consequently, he not only loses his temper when he fails to surpass Tanjiro, but also whenever someone belittles or underestimates him. Moreover, Inosuke’s anger often arises from his lack of knowledge or understanding. He can quickly become infuriated by something unfamiliar or previously unseen. A notable example is when he encounters a train for the first time, charging at it headfirst under the misguided belief that the train is a creature ruling the land.

Big Mom

Big Mom
Big Mom

With her status as one of the Four Emperors in One Piece, Big Mom commands extraordinary power that spells trouble for anyone when her temper flares. Boasting immense physical strength, she wields the formidable abilities of Prometheus and Zeus, granting her control over fire and lightning.

As a result, the majority of characters refrain from provoking her, unless they possess the audacity of someone like Luffy. Provoking Big Mom proves to be an easy feat, as anyone who dares to lay a finger on her precious sweets instantly becomes the primary target of her wrath.

Jingo Raichi

10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily - Jingo Raichi
10 Anime Characters Who Lose Their Temper Easily – Jingo Raichi

In Blue Lock, Jingo Raichi consistently struggles to maintain his composure, allowing his emotions to overpower him. However, this does not hinder his ability to function effectively within a team. Raichi’s notable strength lies in his transparency, as he fearlessly expresses his thoughts to his teammates without reservation.

Whenever Raichi identifies a problem or encounters something that disturbs him, he boldly vocalizes his concerns to address the issue at hand. Despite his tendency to raise his voice during most conversations, Raichi is a soccer player who highly values loyalty and strives to uplift the spirits of his fellow teammates.

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