By : Tony Williams

Gerontology is the study of the ageing processes succumbing to humans and it is the procedure that we all look forward to, as it will come into our lives some or the other day. In the context of this book, the author has impeccably brought forth the concept of ‘Gerontology’ through the infusion of diverse chapters in the narrative. This book informs its reader how the process of ageing in humans can also make humans aware of different issues that may erupt in their lives. The work of the author is indeed commendable and speaks volumes about the different ways we can include in our daily lives for dealing with the challenges of ageing.

With the growing times, people encounter diverse issues and circumstances which make their lives cumbersome. This book has great inclusions throughout the plot that makes it a ‘perfect’ read and the whole narrative of the book is entertaining for the readers until the end of the book. I’m delighted to have read this book which is besides being informative is an amazing guide to the overall learning and development of an individual. The author has provided an experience that the readers will remember for a long time as the book for sure makes a place in the minds of its readers.

This book for sure prepares its readers to experience a ride of emotions that is indeed intriguing for the readers and also righteously forces us to possess this book instantly. It is one of my ‘valued possessions’ and I loved reading this book at the moment when I was feeling negative and directionless. Through this book, a lot of thoughts are also kindled and I feel positive about the approach of the author too.

The events included throughout the plot is informative and provides a great experience to the readers who go through the pages of the book. I highly recommend reading this book and possessing one in your bookshelf!!!

Happy Reading!!!