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Why We All Love Good Storytelling | Reason of Love Towards Good Story

Why We All Love Good Storytelling | Reason of Love Towards Good Story

Our brain loves reading things that make us wonder and marvel over unimaginable things. In this article, we are going to discuss why we all love good storytelling or say reason of love towards good story. Good storytelling depends on a lot of factors, the writer, the genre, how well it fits with the contemporary situation, how well a character was elucidated, a character that was a hero or a relatable character, a setting that you would like to be in – a parallel universe or an aesthetic place that arouses your artistic sense of viewing the world.

If we talk about different genres then we have to talk about the category of readers as well. Some readers like to read – anything and everything commonly known as the bookworms. While some people choose to read books based on reviews. Some people love to read a specific genre. And as absurd as it may sound some people are just obsessed with books, aesthetics, and covers – these people might end up not reading five books but they buy fifteen.

Good storytelling depends first on the way the writer is portraying the roles, protagonist, and how well they are pleasing the thoughts of the readers. Do you think the role of Elizabeth Bennet would have been so popular if she liked the arrogant and aristocratic attitude of Mr. Darcy? I would say no. It is the nature of Elizabeth that was different from her sisters, that was not eager to get married, is what made her so fascinating to read.

The way Jane Austen portrayed the treatment of women during that century and how Elizabeth was not one of those women is what made her character so significant. Or the renowned role of Lady Macbeth or the fourth witch as some likes to say would have become so famous and worth discussing if she did not encourage Macbeth to assassin the king? Again, no. it is the power of Shakespeare and his words that he created a Lady Macbeth that would make out two groups. One group would refer to her as the fourth witch who manipulated Macbeth to kill the king and the other group would explore her action as a selfless act of a wife for her deserving husband.

Through each character and story that a writer presents we get to comprehend ourselves a little bit more. When we read a tragic story of a woman’s past and the childhood she suffered, then only we get to know why she is behaving pathetically with her kids. When we read a story of adventure and go to the background of the protagonist’s father, then only we realize what compelled and motivated him to be a sailor. Just like that, with every story and every character, we get closet to self-awareness and our surroundings.

A narration depends on how catching the book is, for how long the writer can attract and hold the attention of the readers’ to go on with the book. It again depends on factors that a book is exploring – empathy, love, trust, misery, and more. We love to read things to feel certain emotions, if we are reading a love story we just marvel at the thought of having a life like this book, if we are reading tragedy we love the emotional and empathetic bond that we can create between the characters and us – this is how we dwell with a story and love good storytelling.

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