There are thousands of great authors in English literacy in all genres. Among them there are many Indian authors who are extraordinary and have received worldwide recognition. Then why genuine Indian readers prefer to read foreign author’s books and not Indian authors? There is an abundance of genres, subjects and ideologies to write about but most Indian authors tend to fall back and forth into the same loop of love stories and mythology. Generally Indian authors write books for Indian readers but that is not the case for foreign authors.

Foreign authors are more engaging and adept with words. There are authors who have a surreal fictional world and characters that will stay with us forever. Authors like George R. R Martin of Game of Thrones and J. R. R Tolkien author of Lord of Rings have not only created a fictional worlds and characters that are immortal but they also have created their own language for their fictional world. Another notable author, J. K Rowlings’ Harry Potter book series makes all its readers wish that The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was real. When she wrote the Harry Potter books she did not just create the magical tale but she also created a community that is obsessed, transfixed and completely devoted to the characters.

All the traits and characteristics of the characters in this book are well thought that everyone ends up falling in love with them. These authors were able to hook the readers from the very first sentence. The New York Times bestseller author Stephen King is a storyteller. His most noteworthy works include; The Shining, Misery, The Stand, It and Carrie and that is few of them there are many more. He has a deeply scary understanding of the human psyche which allows him to pretty much turn into a scary situation. Through his writing Stephen King makes his reader look at the ordinary things and examine what can go wrong with those ordinary things and he is also able to make a reader wonder what would he or she would if they were in the same situation as the character.

Sometimes this can be uncomfortable but then that’s the point, no Indian writer can do that. Another New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci is favourite of many readers. David Baldacci author of Absolute Power, Memory Man, Walk the Wire, Long Road to Mecry and many more books is known for his fast pacing style of writing, complex plot and for providing plenty of twists to keep the readers hooked from start to end. He is good at creating dramatic sense for the readers amidst all the action in his books.

There are some noteworthy Indian authors, like Chetan Baghat, Amish Tripathi and Ravinder Singh, to name a few. While many people love him and many hate him, Chetan Baghat is still is India’s best selling author. His noteworthy works include Five Point Something, 2 States, 3 Mistakes of my life, one arranged murder among many others. Chetan Baghat’s books always deal with the youth of life and the incidents one faces in his or her life, like falling in love, rejection, crushes, friendship, betrayal, etc. While his writing style is in simple English many think that it is just mediocre. Chetan Bhagat’s books are good for a first time reader or people who do not read a lot, but for seasoned readers he his not able to keep them hooked in his novels.

Amish Tripathi renowned author of Shiva Trilogy, is able to combine different genres such as mythology, fiction and philosophy and write them in compelling texts. He was able to create a pleasing ground for imagining stories of characters everyone grew up learning about. Ravinder Singh is an overrated author of books I Too Had A Love Story and Can Love Happen Twice, who usually writes love stories with tragic sad ends. Most of his books are cliché stories about falling in love and friendships, pretty much like Chetan Baghat’s old books. Most Indian authors are good but they are not able to hook the readers.

However, at the end of the day Literature has no boundaries. It is subjective and it all depends on the readers perspective.