What is Wonder Woman’s Weakness | 7 Weaknesses

What is Wonder Woman’s Weakness | 7 Weaknesses of Wonder Woman: Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic and recognizable female superheroes

Guns and Other Melee Weapons

Wonder Woman is not invincible, as evidenced by her vulnerability to bullets.

The Lasso of Truth

The Lasso of Truth, also known as Wonder Woman’s portable lie detector test, is a powerful tool wielded by the Amazonian warrior.


Wonder Woman, like all living creatures on Earth, is not immune to the passage of time and will eventually pass away.


Wonder Woman’s bracelets serve a dual purpose, not only do they protect her from bullets, but they also act as a means of controlling her immense power.


Like her JL teammate “Superman”, Wonder Woman is also vulnerable to psychotropic drugs and hallucinogens.


Wonder Woman is a humanoid being, meaning she can also be affected by poisoning if the right substance is used.

Bondage By Men

Wonder Woman was created as an allegory for the philosophy of William Moutlon Marston on power dynamics in human relationships.