What is Superman’s Weakness Besides Kryptonite

What is Superman’s Weakness Besides Kryptonite: Almost every Superman or let’s say superhero fan knows that Superman’s biggest weakness is Kryptonite


Despite his extraordinary abilities and defenses, Superman is just as susceptible to magic as any other non-mystical character.

Red Solar Radiation

Superman’s abilities stem from the radiation of Earth’s yellow sun. This radiation is absorbed by his cells, granting him superhuman strength, speed, and density.


One of Superman’s most well-known weaknesses is his inability to see through lead. Lead obstructs Superman’s x-ray vision.

Emotional Vulnerability

Superman has several natural weaknesses that stem from his Kryptonian heritage or his limited resistance to certain types of attacks.

Solar Exhaustion

The sun plays an essential role in the lives of all living beings on Earth, but it holds a special significance for Superman.

Certain Viruses

Superman, as a biological being, is vulnerable to sickness and disease just like any other living organism. A potent virus at the right time could make the Man of Steel fall ill.

Psionic & Drug Attacks

Despite his incredible physical strength, Superman’s mind is susceptible to manipulation. Several villains have taken advantage of this weakness by brainwashing him into committing evil acts.