Top Websites For Online Learning In 2022

Top Websites For Online Learning In 2022

Here are top 10 websites for online learning in 2022. These sites offer online certificate courses which build your knowledge

This is a great learning platform for students seeking to gain knowledge from experts in a vast range of universities.


With over 100000 courses across all possible topics and disciplines, Udemy is one of the best platforms ever with respect to online learning.


The edge that Masterclass has over other websites is its professors – Masterclass is taught by people you know because they’re so famous in their field.


LinkedIn is the place to be for career oriented people, which means the learning platform it creates is also aimed in that direction.

LinkedIn Learning

Skillshop is an online training program that equips you to deal with the vast repertoire of Google tools.

Google Skillshop

With thousands of college level courses offered by prestigious universities like Harvard and Stanford, this is a wonderful place to hone your academic skills.

If you want to hone your technical skills – your search is over. Udacity is a great hub for technical minded people seeking to expand their horizons.


Admit it – you’ve used this app for that probability exam in twelfth grade. But you probably don’t know that they offer courses in addition to learning materials.

Khan Academy

This is a platform for creative people – that is where it stands out. It’s more informal and less academic that most other platforms.


This is a learning platform that gives emphasis on STEM subjects – science, technology, mathematics and computer science.