Top 10 Worst Superhero Costumes in Marvel Universe

In this list, we will be counting down the top 10 worst superhero costumes in Marvel Universe.

The 1970s Captain America’s suit

The 1970s redesign of Captain America’s suit, also known as the “Nomad” costume.

Wonder Man

Wonder Man has never had a very stylish costume. He has only worn poor clothes.


At the very least, the 1990s were an exciting period in the history of comic books.

War Machine 90s

War Machine getting a new suit of armor every five minutes, like Iron Man.


Magneto has one of the coolest comic book costumes, but like all the other big Marvel characters.


For various reasons, Killraven is dressed in trunks with suspenders that have a thin strip of lace separating them.

Captain Ultra

Captain Ultra failed so miserably in his Fantastic Four debut that even other comic book characters began to make fun of him.

Adam X The X-Treme

Adam X is so severe, reflecting all the worst traits of the ’90s, that his name is literally X-Treme.


Because he was a demigod who lived among mortals, Hercules had always been a little difficult for authors to bring into the Avengers.

Iron Man

When Iron Man donned the armor, he understood that he might utilize it to fight crime as a hero.