Top 10 Books of Samuel Beckett

In this Story, we will be taking a look at the top 10 books of Samuel Beckett.

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot is a play by Samuel Beckett that is considered a landmark in 20th-century theatre.


Originally written in French and later translated into English. It is considered one of Beckett’s most important works.

Malone Dies

Malone Dies is a novel by Samuel Beckett, and the second in his “Trilogy” of novels that also includes “Molloy” and “The Unnamable.”

The Unnamable

Like the other books in the trilogy, “The Unnamable” is characterized by its fragmented narrative, stream-of-consciousness writing style.

Krapp’s Last Tape

The play takes place on Krapp’s birthday, as he listens to recordings he made of himself on previous birthdays and reflects on his life.


The play takes place in a single room and follows the lives of four characters: Hamm, who is blind and confined to a wheelchair; Clov, his caretaker; Nagg and Nell, Hamm’s parents

Mercier and Camier

It is considered one of Beckett’s earliest works, and is notable for its minimalist style and exploration of existential themes.

How It Is

The novel takes the form of a monologue, as an unnamed narrator recounts his journey through a dark and often incomprehensible world.

Stories and Texts for Nothing

It is a collection of thirteen short prose pieces, first published in 1955. The texts are characterized by their fragmented and stream-of-consciousness style.

The Lost Ones

The novella is characterized by its minimalist style and exploration of existential themes, and takes the form of a narrative about a group of people.