Top 10 Best Batman Comics of All Time

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 10 best Batman comics and Graphic Novels of all time,

The Dark Knight Returns

Bruce Wayne’s obsession to fight crime takes over and he puts the suit back on.

Batman: The Long Halloween

The story explores Batman’s early career and the changing status quo of Gotham City.

The Killing Joke

The comic’s legacy is cemented by its ambiguous, Soprano-like ending that leaves the reader unsure of what exactly happened.

Batman: Knightfall

This story arc is significant in Batman continuity as it shows Bruce Wayne recognizing the need for help and support.

Batman: Knightfall

The story follows Batman as he navigates the winding halls of the asylum during a riot and encounters iconic foes.

Batman: Year One

It’s the story of the impossible battle that Batman and Jim Gordon can never fully win.

Batman (Vol. 1): The Court of Owls

“The Court of Owls” is a story arc that follows Batman as he faces a mysterious organization that has emerged in Gotham City.

Batman: Dark Victory

In his 3rd year as a vigilante, Batman investigates the murders of GCPD officers by a serial killer known as Hangman.

Batman: Under the Red Hood

In the comic storyline “Under The Red Hood,” Jason Todd, who was murdered by the Joker, is resurrected and becomes the antihero.

Batman: Hush

Jeph Loeb’s “Hush” is a modern Batman story that uses clever gimmicks similar to “The Long Halloween.”