The Origin Story of She-Hulk

The Origin Story of She-Hulk

Marvel Studios dropped the trailer for the brand-new TV show, ‘She-Hulk’. let us take a look at ‘The Origin Story of She-Hulk’ her comic counterpart.

Jennifer Walters is an attorney in Los Angeles, California. Walters’ father, Morris Walters is a Sheriff, while her mother, Elaine Walters died in an accident when Jennifer was still young.

Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner are cousins and grew up incredibly close, almost as if they were siblings. Years later, after Jennifer became a lawyer.

Bruce Banner came to visit her and tell her about the accident that gave him his powers, Jennifer was attacked by some men sent after her by Nicholas Trask.Years later, after Jennifer became a lawyer.

Walters possessed incriminating evidence against Trask. As a way to stop her from revealing these in court, Trask had sent his men to kill Walters.

The men were successful in mortally wounding Jennifer, however, she was rescued by Bruce and taken to the hospital just in time.

When she arrived at the hospital, it was determined that it would be complicated to save her without a blood transfusion. Luckily, her cousin, Bruce Banner was there.

To save her, Banner initiated the blood transfusion, transferring his gamma-irradiated blood in the process. This radiation is what gave Walters her powers.