The Origin of Tintin

The Origin of Tintin

The Adventure of Tintin is created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, who wrote under the pen name Hergé. In this article, we are going to read about the origin of Tintin.

According to Pierre Assouline (the biographer of Tintin’s creator, Georges Remi), this character has a history and it is the result of several encounters in Hergé’s life.

Remi noted that during his schooling during the First World War, he had drawn figures in his school workbooks of an unnamed young man fighting the Boches (Germans).

The features of Tintin resemble the features of Remi’s brother Paul. Paul had a round face and quiff hairstyle. And when in his later life Paul joined the Belgian army, the unnamed man from the workbook became real.

Hergé was influenced by his brother’s features and mannerisms. He even stated later that “I watched him a lot… It makes sense that Tintin took on his character… His gestures stayed in my mind.

The first appearance of the movie was at Gare du Nord, Brussels on May 8, 1930. There are two feature films, two television series, and six animated films based on Tintin and his adventures.

Do we know anything else about him? I don’t think so. He has no family, no surname, and the mere semblance of a career.

According to Benoit Peeters Tintin is “…a Sartre-esque character”, which means he was an existentialist. We all know Tintin because of his actions and adventures.