The Darkest Deeds of the Joker in Comics

Nothing is off limits in his quest for the ultimate joke. Here are 10 The Darkest Deeds of the Joker in Comics.

Joker poisoned beauty products

One of his most heinous crimes was the contamination of Gotham City’s hygiene products with a toxic chemical called Smylex.

Paralyzing Barbara Gordon

In the comic book “The Killing Joke,” the Joker paralyzed Barbara Gordon (the first Batgirl) as part of his plan to drive Commissioner Gordon insane.

Contaminating the reservoirs of Gotham City

He contaminated the city’s water reservoirs with his toxic laughing gas, causing those who inhaled it to experience uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Blowing up a hospital full of patients

The Joker’s brutal attack on a hospital in the comic book “Batman: The Killing Joke” is considered one of his darkest deeds.

Joker gave away poisoned cotton candy

The idea of innocent children being lured in by his promise of free cotton candy, only to fall victim to his poisoned treats.

Masterminding the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents

This vicious crime took the lives of two innocent individuals, but also led to the formation of the vigilante known as Batman.

The Joker took down Superman

He stole a nuclear submarine and tricked Superman into thinking he was fighting Doomsday.

Joker attempted to trademark fish

When a fish was found in Gotham City’s harbor with a scary smile, the Joker said he wanted to own the rights to it.

The Joker detonated a bomb at a school

This made the Joker angry, and he began a war to put an end to it. To emphasize his point, he blew up a school full of children.

The Joker caused broken glass to rain on Gotham City

To achieve this goal, he sent a blimp over Gotham and blew it up, releasing a rain of broken glass infected with his deadly Joker venom.