The 10 Most Common Mistakes Batman Continues to Make With His Enemies

This overview explores the 10 most common mistakes Batman continues to make with his enemies.

Batman Ignores City Corruption’s Benefits

In Gotham City, corruption runs deep, with even law enforcement and officials on the take.

Blackgate’s Easy Escapes

Batman’s enemies often end up in either Arkham Asylum or Blackgate Prison.

Weapon Usage Flaws

Batman possesses an impressive arsenal in his utility belt, including unique weapons like Kryptonite rings and batarangs.

Funding Mister Freeze

Bruce Wayne’s failure to financially support Mister Freeze baffles many, including Batman himself.

Overindulging Enemies

Batman often finds himself entangled in the games set by his foes, like Two-Face’s coin flips or the Riddler’s puzzles.

Underestimating Bane

Bane, Batman’s formidable foe, is not just physically powerful but also incredibly cunning.

Misjudging Two-Face

Batman’s relationship with Two-Face is complex due to their past friendship as Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent.

Ignoring Superman’s Aid

Despite being part of a vast network of superheroes and having close relationships with allies like Superman, Batman rarely seeks their assistance.

Misclassifying Joker

Batman’s refusal to permanently deal with the Joker poses a significant problem.

Ineffective Arkham Security

Arkham Asylum is frequently used to detain Batman’s villains, but it’s not the best solution.