Similarities Between Indian Mythology and Greek Mythology

Similarities Between Indian Mythology and Greek Mythology

In this article, we are going to read about similarities between Indian mythology and Greek Mythology.

Lord Shiva of Indian mythology and Dionysus of Greek mythology are often considered to be similar.

Shiva – Dionysus

The story of Icarus is probably one of the most told stories when we talk about mythology.

Jatayu and Sampati – Icarus and Daedalus

On several occasions, scholars have tried to find a connection between the Greek epic Iliad and the Indian epic Ramayana

Ramayana – Iliad

Both of these gods of Indian and Greek Mythology act as messengers. They are also the sons of the two most powerful Gods.

Narada – Hermes

In the account of Greek ambassador and historian Megasthenes, Lord Krishna is addressed as the half-god of Greek mythology, Heracles.

Krishna – Heracles

The resemblance between Indra and Zeus is uncanny because not only are both of them are King of Gods in their mythologies but they possess almost the same weapon as well.

Indra – Zeus