Most Popular Books of Munshi Premchand

We are going to read about the 8 most popular books of Munshi Premchand.


Godaan (The Gift of a Cow) is a Hindi novel by Munshi Premchand, published in 1936. It is considered one of his greatest works and is a landmark in Hindi literature.


Rangbhoomi (Battleground) portrays graphically the destruction of agriculture and peasant society under colonial rule.


1931 published Gaban tells the story of a charming but morally weak young man Ramanath. To fulfill his wife Jalpa’s excessive craving for jewelry.


Amritarai lives in Banaras. By profession he is a lawyer, however, he likes social service over advocacy. He is married to the first daughter of a well-known man in the city Lala Badri Prasad.


1927 published novel Nirmala focuses on a young girl Nirmala who was compelled to marry a widower 20 years older than her.


Sevasadan covers themes of marriage, sexuality, and prostitution. The novel is a bold statement on the religious and political debates.


The story is set in the fictional town of Karmabhoomi, where the main character, Saryu, is a farmer who is struggling to make a living due to the exploitative practices.

Bade Bhai Sahab

Story of two brothers, Jhumri and Jhoomar. Jhumri, the elder brother, is a successful businessman while Jhoomar is a struggling writer.