Most Anticipated Books of February 2023

Here, we take a look at the most anticipated books of February 2023, so you can add them to your reading list.

The Paris Apartment

Lucy Foley returns with “The Paris Apartment,” two years after the success of “The Guest List.”

I Have Some Questions For You 

Bodie Kane faces old questions about a murder that shook her boarding school in 1995 when she returns as a professor.

The House of Eve

A radiant novel, “Ruby and Eleanor” delves into the experiences of womanhood, sacrifice, and desire in pre-Roe America for young black women.

The Writing Retreat

The book is a sapphic thriller with horror elements, featuring a storyline that includes a mix of obsession, spooky history, and steamy hookups.

Someone Else’s Shoes

“Someone Else’s Shoes” is a novel by bestselling author Jojo Moyes. The book follows two women, Nisha Cantor and Sam Kemp.

Two Weeks Notice

Amy Porterfield, an experienced online marketing expert, understands the fear of leaving a secure 9-5 job to start your own business.

Cold People by

With Earth conquered by a strange power, the human race has just 30 days to flee to their designated place of survival – Antarctica.

On the Savage Side

As women in their community disappear, Arcade and Daffodil, twin sisters, cling to each other for support.

A Day of Fallen Night

Samantha Shannon writes a standalone prequel to “The Priory of the Orange Tree” about three women who shape the future.

The Crane Husband

Kelly Barnhill updates the classic tale of “The Crane Wife” with a modern twist. A teenage girl is tasked with caring for her family as her mother.