Most Anticipated Books of April 2022

In this article we are going to read about the 10 most anticipated books of April 2022

Young Mungo is a Bildungsroman, a rich exhibition of the working class of Scotland, a queer love story, and much more.

Young Mungo – Douglas Stuart

Ocean Vuong is trying to search for a life among the aftershocks of his mother’s demise, representing the paradox of sitting within anguish.

Time is a Mother – Ocean Vuong

Emily St. John Mandel is an award-winning, best-selling writer of The Glass Hotel and Station Eleven.

Sea of Tranquillity – Emily St. John Mandel

America, Goddam by Treva Lindsey explores the blended strength of anti-Blackness, patriarchy, capitalism, and misogyny in the lives of Black girls.

America, Goddam – Treva B. Lindsey

Susan Cain blends storytelling, memoir, and research to explore exactly we, humans experience longing and sorrow, and the shocking lessons.

Bittersweet – Susan Cain

The digital age is nothing but another term for the horrible terminal stage of global capitalism and its financialization of social survival, mass poverty.

Scorched Earth – Jonathan Crary

Thomas Piketty presents a thorough and shockingly positive short introduction to the history of the struggles of humankind for equality.

A Brief History of Equality – Thomas Piketty

Rogue Street by Shuang Xuetao is a collection of extraordinarily cinematic three interrelated novellas set in the Northeastern Chinese town named Shenyang.

Rouge Street – Shuang Xuetao

Picking up the concept of The 1619 Project Black Ghost of Empire by Kris Manjapra concentrates on liberation and how this chance.

Black Ghost of Empire – Kris Manjapra

This is a collection of Robert Pirsig’s writings on the primary themes of his thoughts – QUALITY.

On Quality – Robert M. Pirsig