Lord Brahma (The Creator) - Hindu God

Lord Brahma (The Creator) - Hindu God

Lord Brahma is a Hindu God associated with the concepts of creation and knowledge. Within the Trimurti.

Brahma, whenever mentioned in the Vedas (religious texts written in Sanskrit and the scripture of the Hindu religion), is a part of creation myths and legends.

Some Puranas also record Brahma creating himself inside a golden embryo called ‘Hiranyagarbha’, through which the universe was also created.

In the beginning, Brahma held significant prominence as far as Hindu deities were concerned. However, with the passing of time, Brahma’s importance began declining.

Comparatively to the other two divine deities in the Trimurti, Brahma’s worship is considered secondary. Temples and places of worship dedicated solely to this god are usually rare as well.

In depictions, Brahma is often depicted with four heads, each of which is symbolic of a particular Veda and faces the four cardinal directions.

Beyond the Vedic period, Brahma was still one of the most important deities with a sect following him, There is a Purana by the name of ‘Brahmananda Purana’.

In the Shiva Purana, the reason for Brahma’s decline is cited as the time when once Brahma and Vishnu were in the middle of an argument concerning who between the two was the greatest.