Joker VS Thanos – Who is More Evil

Joker VS Thanos – Who is More Evil: This is highly  debatable of who is more evil, Joker or Thanos, has been a topic of discussion among comic book fans for decades.

Thanos – Wiping out half of all life

Thanos’ act of wiping out half of all life in the universe can certainly be considered a catastrophic and extensive act of mass genocide.

Joker – Psychological manipulation

Joker’s evil is often more focused on the personal impact on individuals, rather than the large scale destruction.

Thanos – Destruction of the entire planet

While both Joker and Thanos are capable of great evil, the scale and scope of that evil can differ greatly.

Joker – Paralyzing target

Joker often specializes in psychological torment, as seen in the comic book “Batman: The Killing Joke.

Thanos – Wages war across the universe

Thanos often outdoes Joker in terms of evil deeds in terms of scope and scale. One example is seen in the “Annihilation” comic book event.

Joker – Killed His Mother

Joker, one of the most infamous and feared villains in comic book history, takes his evil to a new level with the crime of matricide.

Thanos – Enslaving the Chitauri

Thanos enslaving the Chitauri is considered more evil than the Joker’s actions for several reasons.