History of Japan: 10 Best Books on Japanese History

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Here we have mentioned 10 best books on Japanese history. We’ve gathered the best non-fiction books on the history of Japan

This is a three volume work by eminent Japanese historian Sansom, which tackles the ancient history of Japan from the beginnings of Japanese civilization.

A History of Japan by George Sansom

This book views the second world war from the perspective of not the victors but the vanquished.

Embracing Defeat by John Dower

Japanologist Alex Kerr’s work is a sensitive meditation on the heart and soul of the lived experience in Japan.

Lost Japan by Alex Kerr

This book traces the recent history of Japan from the dawn of the twentieth century up till the present day.

Japan Story by Christopher Harding

No list of Japanese history books can ever be complete without the mention of the legendary warriors the world knows as Samurai.

A Brief History of the Samurai by Jonathan Clements

As the title suggests, this book chronicles the history of mass-oriented cultural commodities and ideas from the seventeenth century to the present day.

A History of Popular Culture in Japan by E Taylor Atkins

Like previously mentioned, this is a brief history of the cultural transformations from ancient to modern Japan.

Japan: A Short Cultural History by George Sansom

This book takes a look at an oft-overlooked aspect of Japanese history, yet one which is equally rich and colourful.

Lost Histories by Kirsten Ziomek

This is a holistic view of Japanese history from the nascence of Japanese cilvilization to the Tokugawa period.

Japan: A Documentary History by David Lu

This multi-volume work is perhaps one of the most intensive and detail-oriented accounts of all periods of Japanese history, by reliable historians.

The Cambridge History of Japan by Donald Shively and William McCullough