Comics where Batman kills

In this article, we will explore some of the most notable instances in Comic where Batman kills.

Final Crisis: Batman Shoots Darkseid

The moment in which Batman kills Darkseid is significant, as it highlights the lengths to which Batman is willing to go to protect the people of Earth.

All Star Batman And Robin: Burned Criminals

This depiction of Batman is controversial and is considered a departure from the traditional portrayal of the character.

Justice League America: The Nail

This alternate reality is established when John and Martha Kent experience a flat tire on the road, causing them to miss the crash landing of the Kryptonian spaceship.

Bloodstorm: Joker

In the story, the Joker takes control of Dracula’s army of the undead and becomes a powerful and dangerous foe for Batman.

Red Rain: Dracula

The story climaxes with a final showdown between Batman and Dracula, where the Caped Crusader ultimately kills the vampire king.

Batman #425: crushes Garzonas

Garzonas uses Gordon as a lure to entice the dynamic duo into a junkyard where he holds him at gunpoint.

Batman #420: KGBeast

This puts the city and its citizens in grave danger, and it is up to Batman to stop the assassin and save the city.

Batman #1: Hugo Strange

This prompts Batman to take action and stop Strange’s reign of terror. The Caped Crusader uses his iconic bat copter to locate Strange, who is hiding from Batman.

Batman #1: Hanged the Giant

The Dark Knight faces off against the villain Hugo Strange, who has created a super serum and used it on escaped mental patients from Arkham Asylum.

Detective Comics #30: Snaps A Man’s Neck

Batman is on the hunt for the killer of Mr. Jones. He quickly discovers that the culprit is Mikhail and without hesitation.