Books of 2022 That Deserve a TV Series Adaptation

There are many books of 2022 that deserve a TV series adaptation. From thrilling dystopian worlds to heartwarming coming-of-age stories,

The School for Good Mothers

Frida Liu is struggling to find fulfillment and success in her life, and her relationship with her husband Gust is strained by his infatuation with a younger woman.


“David Musgrave’s debut novel “Lambda” tells the story of a new police officer tasked with investigating a group of refugees accused of terrorism.

Sea of Tranquility

Emily St. John Mandel’s latest novel, “Sea of Tranquility,” is a follow-up to her bestselling novels “Station Eleven” and “The Glass Hotel.”

Cursed Bunny

“Bora Chung’s “Cursed Bunny” is a collection of short stories that is not for the faint of heart. The stories are graphic, grotesque, and disturbing.


Marisa and Jake are a seemingly perfect couple, and when Kate, their new lodger, moves in, everything seems to fall into place.

One of the Girls

Six friends, all with their own secrets, travel to a beautiful Greek island for a bachelorette trip celebrating Lexi’s upcoming wedding.

First Born

Molly and Katie are twin sisters, one living a structured and secure life in London, the other an outgoing and adventurous one in New York.

Wrong Place Wrong Time

A mother’s worst nightmare comes true when her teenage son kills a stranger on the streets outside their home. As she watches him being taken into custody.

Fairy Tale

Charlie Reade is a high school student who has had to grow up fast after the loss of his mother and his father’s descent into alcoholism.

The Lost Metal

Waxillium Ladrian, a former frontier lawman turned senator, has been tracking the Set, a shadowy organization that kidnaps people with Allomancy powers.