7 Times Batman Was Unable To Save The Innocent

7 Times Batman Was Unable To Save The Innocent: Batman is known for being a superhero who fights crime and protects the citizens of Gotham City.

Jason Todd’s Death

The death of Jason Todd, the second Robin, was a particularly painful and significant loss for Batman. Batman was unable to save his surrogate son.

Rachel’s Death

Although Batman is able to prevent the Joker from causing further harm, he is unable to overcome the personal loss of Rachel’s death.

The Long Halloween

The Long Halloween is a seminal work in the Batman canon and is widely considered one of the greatest modern Batman stories.

Joker Paralyses Barbara Gordon

The story is considered one of the darkest in Batman’s history and has been criticized for the graphic and violent nature of the scene.

Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler

Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler was a young superhero who works as a crime-fighter in Gotham City. She is the daughter of the Cluemaster, a minor Batman villain.

Damien’s Brutal Murder

Batman has suffered many tragedies throughout his life, but the loss of a child is perhaps one of the most devastating.

Death of Commissioner Gordon’s Second Wife ‘Sarah’

This event takes place during the “No Man’s Land”, after Lex Luthor has helped Gotham City recover from a devastating earthquake that had ravaged the city for over a year.