6 Tips for Developing a Good Plot

6 Tips for Developing a Good Plot

6 Tips for Developing a Good Plot: Start outlining the events of the story after you have an idea for one that you wish to develop.

Sketch out a plot outline

Organizing your narrative ideas on a map will speed up your fiction writing process and get you beyond writer’s block. Start by engaging in some freewriting.

Dive right into the action

Your exposition has a number of significant duties. It names the main character, sets the plot’s backdrop and ideas, and introduces the main character.

Lay the groundwork for the climax during the rising action

Drop hints about the conflict that’s driving the plot throughout the growing action.

Create a rich narrative with subplots

A good story has a number of interconnected plotlines. Incorporate subplots into your primary plot by writing them.

Leave your readers satisfied

Write a satisfying conclusion that ties up any loose ends and concludes character arcs.

Read other authors

To create a story with the five structural elements, all great writers use their unique writing styles and creative process.

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