6 Books Worth Rereading we Highly Recommend

6 Books Worth Rereading we Highly Recommend

This list will not only open your eyes to some unexplored and unknown aspects of your life but it will also probably help you.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

This book is a collection of knowledge of over 10 years gathered by Naval Ravikant as an investor, entrepreneur, and philosopher.

The Emperor’s Handbook

Historian Michael Grant says this book is one of the best books that have ever been written by a major emperor. This book provides a fresh and stunning translation.

12 Rules for Life

Informative, astonishing, and amusing Dr. Jordan Peterson tells us why we should pet a cat when we come across one on the street.

Atomic Habits

This book presents a proven framework to help you improve yourself every day. The author will help you establish good habits, improve and enhance the small habits.

The Psychology of Money

It is always and all about how you behave, and behaviour is a thing that is hard to teach. How to take care of business, investment, and management of money.


This books is like a guide to long and healthy life. It is more like a practical book which you need to implement in life and not just read.