5 Times The flash was Unable to Save his Family

We will explore 5 times the Flash was unable to save his family in comic book events,


In the “Flashpoint” storyline, Barry Allen (The Flash) travels back in time to try to prevent his mother’s murder by Eobard Thawne (Reverse-Flash).

Crisis on Infinite Earths

During the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event, The Flash (Barry Allen) is unable to prevent the death of his wife Iris West, who is killed by the Anti-Monitor.

Flash: Rebirth

In “Flash: Rebirth” story arc, the Flash (Barry Allen) fails to save his wife, Iris West, from being murdered by Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne).

Flash: Rebirth

This tragic event has a significant impact on Barry’s motivation and character development as a hero and it is a defining moment for him.

Final Crisis

The Flash (Barry Allen) was unsuccessful in preventing the death of his friend and fellow Justice League member, Batman, who was killed by the powerful villain.

Blackest Night

In the “Blackest Night” event, the Flash (Barry Allen) fails to save his former girlfriend Linda Park from being resurrected as a Black Lantern and attacking him.

Blackest Night

The event, and Linda’s resurrection specifically, has a significant impact on Barry’s emotional state and it is a major turning point for his character development.