5 Most Difficult Examinations In India

5 Most Difficult Examinations In India

In this Article we have talked about the 5 most difficult examinations in India. These are the toughest exams in India to crack.

UPSC is for sure among the most difficult exams to crack. The obligations of those working in central government services...


CAT (Common admission test) is an entry-level examination for best business colleges in India. students are selected on a percentile system.


IIT-JEE is an entrance test for future engineers in IIT colleges in India. It is viewed as one of the hardest examinations in India. Exams are taken in two stages.


The GATE exam is organised for admission of students into Masters and Doctoral courses in Engineering, Architecture, Technology, and Science.


Conducted by the ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), the CA Foundation Exam is a preliminary exam, which was set up in July 1949.

CA Exam (Chartered Accountant Exam  )