20 Best Browser Games Everybody Should Play

Browser games are a fantastic way to have fun online without needing to download anything. We’ve curated a list of the 20 best browser games that everyone should try.


A simple online word game Wordle is created by Josh Wardle.

Dinosaur Game (Chrome Dino)

The Dinosaur Game, or Chrome Dino, is a simple game in Google Chrome.

Line Rider

A fun and creative game Line Rider allows you draw lines for a sledder to ride.


The Skribbl is fun multiplayer game where you draw and guess words with friends or people online.


A super fun online game “Slither.io” offeres the players to control a worm-like avatar, eating colorful pellets to grow bigger.


Created in 1985 by Alexey Pajitnov Tetris, the classic game where you arrange falling blocks which never gets old.


An exciting game Wilds.io is set in a desert where you team up with others to survive.

Slow Roads

A cool, easy-to-play browser game Slow Roads is created by one developer over 16 months.

Mini Royale: Nations

The game Mini Royale: Nations is a fast-paced shooter game one can play right in their browser.


A vibrant game Powerline.io mixes the classic Snake with Tron’s bike battles.


A cool strategy game Freeciv is getting better for over 16 years. Inspired by the famous Civilization series, it’s all about building and leading your own civilization.


In an exciting multiplayer game Nightpoint the players fight zombies and compete with other players.


The game Copter is a classic game where you control a helicopter to avoid obstacles.

Snail Bob

In a fun puzzle game Snail Bob you help a snail avoid traps and reach the exit. It’s not about fast clicking but smart thinking and good timing.

Shell Shockers

The Shell Shockers is a unique and fun shooting game where you play as an egg and shoot other eggs!

Prince of Persia

Ubisoft’s flash-based Prince of Persia game is a blast from the past you can enjoy through the Ruffle emulator.


The strategic games Hexar.io is a cool game where you create hexagon territories. You travel over new blocks and return to your area to capture them.


A fun, fantasy MMORPG Prodigy is designed for kids. It mixes exciting gameplay with math learning, helping boost children’s skills and confidence.


A deceptive game Thunder is tougher than it looks. You dodge lightning bolts while trying to collect gold particles for points.


In a tricky game QWOP the players use the Q, W, O, and P keys to control an athlete’s legs and run 100 meters.