10 Well Known Prophecies in Mythologies

10 Well Known Prophecies in Mythologies: Throughout human history, people have been fascinated with the future, trying to predict and understand.

The Prophecy of the Oracle of Delphi

In Greek mythology, the Oracle of Delphi was a priestess who was believed to possess the gift of prophecy. According to legend.

Kali Yuga

Hinduism believes in four Yugas or epochs, with the Kali Yuga being the fourth and the worst of them all. This epoch is characterized by darkness.

Ragnarok, the Norse Apocalypse

Ragnarok is the Norse version of the apocalypse, a catastrophic event that will bring about the end of the world.

The Mayan Prophecy of 2012

The Mayan Prophecy of 2012 gained widespread attention in the years leading up to the year 2012. According to the prophecy.

The Prophecy of the Popol Vuh

The Popol Vuh is a sacred text of the Maya people, which contains many prophetic passages. According to the Popol Vuh, the gods created humans from maize dough.

Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is the final book of the Christian Bible and is known for its prophetic passages, which describe the end of the world and the return of Jesus Christ.


Nostradamus was a French astrologer and physician who lived in the 16th century. He is famous for his prophetic writings.

Three Harbingers

In Chinese mythology, the Three Harbingers are a group of animals that are believed to appear before a major catastrophe.

The Prophecy of the White Buffalo Calf Woman

According to Native American mythology, the White Buffalo Calf Woman is a sacred figure who brought the Sioux people the knowledge of the pipe ceremony.

The Prophecy of the End Times

The prophecy of the End Times is an important part of Judaic mythology, and it is described in detail in the Hebrew Bible.