10 Popular Sidekicks in Marvel and DC Comics

10 Popular Sidekicks in Marvel and DC Comics

10 Popular Sidekicks in Marvel and DC Comics: We have an endless amount of sidekicks thanks to Marvel and DC.

Donna Troy, Wonder Woman (DC)

The comparison between Donna Troy and Wonder Woman is often made. The two have different personalities but comparable magical abilities.

Krypto the Superdog, Superman (DC)

Since the annihilation of Krypton, Krypto has been guarding infant Kal-El. Krypto, like his best friend Superman, is a Kryptonian dog with steel-biting prowess.

Barbara Gordon, Batgirl (DC)

Commissioner James Gordon, one of Gotham’s most honorable men, is the father of Barbara Gordon. But Barbara became famous for being the first Batgirl.

Speedy, Green Arrow (DC)

Speedy has consistently demonstrated his effectiveness as Green Arrow’s sidekick, from the original Speedy, Roy Harper, through Mia Dearden.

Sun Girl, Human Torch (MARVEL)

Together with Human Torch, Sun Girl battled crime straight out of the Golden Age. She worked as Jim Hammond’s secretary under the name Mary Mitchell at first.

Hit Girl, Kick-Ass (MARVEL)

The 11-year-old girl known as Hit-Girl is notorious for using force to fight crime and using profane language.

Dick Grayson, Batman (DC)

When you hear sidekick, Robin comes to mind. Robin, also referred to as the Boy Wonder, has accompanied Batman everywhere he goes.

Bucky Barnes, Captain America (MARVEL)

James Buchanan Barnes is affectionately referred to as Bucky Barnes. He debuted in Captain America as a veteran of World War II.

Wong, Doctor Strange (MARVEL)

In 1963, Strange Tales featured Wong for the first time. However, Wong was originally used in Strange Tales.

War Machine, Iron Man (MARVEL)

An instance where the sidekick is a close buddy. Iron Man’s most reliable friend is James Rupert Rhodey.