10 Most Deadly Vampires in DC Comics (DC Universe)

10 Most Deadly Vampires in DC Comics: Vampires have long been a staple of horror and fantasy literature, and the world of comics is no exception.

Andrew Bennett ‘Lord of the Vampires’

As a nobleman in Queen Elizabeth’s court, Andrew Bennett was respected for his charm and determination. However, his life changed forever.


Emily “Lia” Briss was once a noble hero, fighting alongside Batman and the Outsiders to combat crime and various dangers.


Cain, who was cursed by God, is considered the progenitor of all vampires. He created an army of the cursed creatures with the goal of subjugating humanity.


Starbreaker aka Luciphage or “light-eater,” is an energy vampire from the planet Thanagar. He is infamous for siphoning energy from planets and stars.

Mary ‘Queen Of Blood’

Mary Seward was once the fiancée of Lord Andrew Bennett, but she has since been transformed into Mary, Queen of Blood.


Over the years, there have been several conflicting accounts of the first vampire on Earth and their origins.

Natalia Mitternacht

Nocturna is a dangerous individual, a thief, hypnotist and vampire, all rolled into one. Being immortal and sensitive to light, she uses her abilities to steal.

King Of Vampires

The King of Vampires is a character from the Hellblazer comics, where he serves as an advisor to John Constantine. The King of Vampires.

Dax Novu

Dax Novu made his first appearance in the Final Crisis run in DC Comics, as a creation of the original Monitor. He was corrupted at an early stage of his existence.


He has made appearances in various storylines and universes. Time and time again, Dracula has risen from his slumber with the intention of taking over the world.