10 Most Dangerous Clones in The Marvel Universe

We’ll take a look at the 10 most dangerous clones in the Marvel Universe. From deadly assassins to unstoppable beasts.

Charles Xavier

In the Marvel Universe, X stands out as one of the most intricate and formidable clones. This clone, also known as the clone body of Professor Charles Xavier.

Evan Sabahnur

One of the most influential clones in the Marvel Universe of late is Evan Sabahnur, also known as Kid Apocalypse.

Madelyne Prior

Madelyn Pryor, also known as the clone of Jean Grey, is one of the most potent clones in the Marvel Universe.


Among Marvel’s heroes, Wolverine stands out as one with deep connections to the realm of cloning.


This particular set of clones is actually a clan, and they have rightfully earned their place in Spider-Man lore for delivering one of his most riveting storylines.

Ben Reilly

The Jackal of Spider-Man’s second clone was Ben Reilly, created to torment and harm Spider-Man.


Spider-Man is no stranger to cloning, having undergone the process multiple times throughout his adventures.

Otto Octavius

A notable clone in the Marvel Universe is Otto Octavius, whose powerful clone deserves attention. During the Spider-Verse event.


Carrion, a unique villain, stands out as the original version of the character was a clone. However, subsequent villains who used this name were not clones.

Red Skull

In the Marvel Universe, the Red Skull emerged as a formidable clone. Following the conflict of Avengers vs X-Men.