10 Greatest Antiheroes in Comics

We’ll be exploring the 10 greatest antiheroes in comics, delving into their fascinating character arcs.

Black Adam

This character is regarded as one of the mightiest in the DC Universe. Earlier Black Adam was known for his cartoonishly evil character.


The Punisher was initially introduced as a hired assassin, commissioned to take down Spider-Man.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn’s journey to stardom was a bizarre and unbelievable. She first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series as the Joker’s girlfriend.


Loki has long been one of Marvel Comics’ most formidable villains, tracing back to his debut in Journey Into Mystery #85.

Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier. In this persona, he fought against his former mentor before ultimately being redeemed by Captain America.


Initially, Deadpool was designed as a knockoff of Deathstroke, a wisecracking mercenary intended to combat the revamped X-Force team.


Magneto stands out as a prime example of an antihero. While he has been portrayed as a supervillain in the past.

Red Hood

He returned as the Red Hood in 2005, along with other resurrected sidekicks who sought revenge against Batman and the Joker.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight’s journey in Marvel Comics takes a unique trajectory. Initially introduced as an antagonist in Werewolf By Night #32, Moon Knight, aka Marc Spector.


Wolverine has become one of the most popular comic book characters ever. Despite his violent tendencies, he strives to improve himself.