10 DC Characters Who First Discovered Superman’s Secret Identity

In this article, we will be exploring 10 DC Characters Who First Discovered Superman’s Secret Identity and the impact this knowledge had on their relationships with the Man of Steel.


For years, Batman and Superman had shared the covers of World’s Finest Comics, yet their first team-up occurred in an issue of Superman.


Prior to Supergirl’s introduction to readers, Bizarro made his first appearance and demonstrated knowledge of Superboy’s secret identity.

Saturn Girl

At their debut, the Legion of Super-Heroes was comprised of three teenagers from the future whose purpose was to enlist Superboy into their superhero team.

Cosmic Boy

Approaching Superboy while he was on patrol in Smallville, the leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Cosmic Boy, waved and addressed him by his secret identity as Clark Kent.

Jonathan Kent

Superman’s adoptive parents played a significant role in his story since their first appearance in the inaugural issue of Superman, and they continued to feature in numerous other stories.


Initially, Krypto served as Jor-El’s test subject for his experimental rocket, which would later carry baby Kal-El to Earth. After crash-landing near Smallville, Krypto, having matured from a puppy to a dog.

Martha Kent

For a considerable time, Superman’s parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, remained anonymous in their appearances within the DC Comics universe.

Kell Orr

Unexpectedly, someone who hailed from another world turned out to know Superman’s secret identity. On his visit to Xenon, a planet that bears a striking resemblance.

Lightning Boy

When Superboy encountered Lightning Boy, who later changed his name to Lightning Lad, it marked the first meeting between the young superhero and the Legion of Superheroes.


It wasn’t until two years after their first team-up that Batman’s sidekick learned the secret identity of Superman. This wasn’t due to a lack of trust, but rather the Boy Wonder’s absence from previous missions.