10 Books To Cheer You Up When Feeling Down

10 Books To Cheer You Up When Feeling Down

We’ve curated the perfect reading list for you, to help you get over the blues. Here are 10 books to cheer you up when feeling down.

This book is a list of 365 essays by Ross Gay, about simple things he took delight in on each day of the year.

The Book of Delights

The Prophet is Lebanese poet Gibran’s masterpiece, and the culmination of the years of knowledge he acquired.

The Prophet

Sometimes all you need is a distraction, a kind of escape, in order to better a sloppy mood. And this book, which reminds you of and makes you aware of the miracle of life.

The Body

This is a book that will make you happy while also reminding you of the purpose of life. With adorable illustrations and an accessible format.

Art Matters

The reason this book is on this list is that it is a comfort book. It talks of an orphan living in an English train station, who encounters a great filmmaker.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

This fairytale-esque book tells a story within a story. A stranger asks a pilot to draw a sheep, and convinced of the strangeness of life...

The Little Prince

This is a collection of essays and short stories by Brazilian writer Coelho, all of which are full of wisdom and philosophy.

Like The Flowing River

This memoir by Ruskin Bond is full of his recollections of fragments of his beautifully simple life in the Himalayas.

The Beauty of All My Days

This book of joy follows a Monsieur Perdu in Paris, who runs a floating apothecary of books, and prescribes books as medicines for the emotional distresses of life.

The Little Paris Bookshop

This book follows a lone man, Andreas as he scales the landscapes of the mountains in his hometown.

A Whole Life