10 Books About Screenwriting Everyone Should Read

10 Books About Screenwriting Everyone Should Read

10 Books About Screenwriting Everyone Should Read: Screenwriting, or the process of creating scripts for films, may seem like an elite creative task.

In this insightful book, Field, compiles the craft of storytelling in an organized, stepwise guide. From the elements of a screenplay, like the plot, structure, character.

Screenplay by Syd Field

The bestselling screenwriter and two time winner of the Academy Awards who has feathers like “All the President’s Men” in his cap.

Adventures in the Screen Trade

This book, in which successful screenwriter Chamberlain expounds the nutshell technique of writing screenplays, stems from an interesting place.

The Nutshell Technique

In this almost Bible of screenwriting, Snyder reveals the perfect formula to get a story right, even down to its page numbers.

Save the Cat

This book is about the importance of writing drama and how to nail the art form, but this is easily applicable to movies and screenwriting too.

Three Uses of the Knife

In this book, Taishete convinces his readers that any layman can write a good screenplay. One only needs to put their heart and soul into it.

Anyone Can Write a Film

McKee, who has written for the likes of Julia Roberts and David Bowie, is the perfect guide for novices in the world of screenwriting.

Story by Robert McKee

Bork has won accolades like the Emmys and Golden Globes many times over. His masterful experience with screenwriting trickles down into his book.

The Idea by Erik Bork

With movies like Sleepless in Seattle, Scream and Shriek at his credit, Truby is known for his art of writing emotive, impactful movies.

The Anatomy of a Story

While these other books are about the craft of writing and the elements of a story, this book delves into the heart of the matter – the story itself.

Into The Woods