10 Biggest Betrayals in The History of Marvel Comics

In this list, we will delve into the 10 biggest betrayals in the history of marvel comics.

Loki betrays Thor and Asgard

In the “Ragnarok” storyline, Loki betrays Thor and Asgard by orchestrating the events that lead to the destruction of Asgard and the death of Thor.

Scarlet Witch betrays the X-Men

Scarlet Witch in the “House of M” storyline, betrays the X-Men and manipulates reality to create a world in which mutants are the dominant species.

Magneto betrays the X-Men

Magneto’s alliance with the Hellfire Club was driven by his belief that mutants were a superior species and needed to take control of the world.

Professor X betrays Cyclops and Jean Grey

However, his actions put Cyclops and Jean Grey in harm’s way, and his manipulation of events caused them to question their trust in him.

Captain America betrays Avengers

The series shows how Steve Rogers has been working for Hydra for years, manipulating events for their gain.

Bucky Barnes betrays Steve Rogers

Bucky’s actions as the Winter Soldier marked a turning point in his relationship with Steve.

Norman Osborn betrays the Dark Avengers

This move solidifies Osborn’s position as a major player in the Marvel universe and poses a significant threat to the heroes who once trusted him.

Mystique betrays the X-Men

Mystique betrays the X-Men and joins forces with her longtime ally and former lover, Magneto.

Nick Fury betrays the Avengers

This betrayal marked a turning point in Fury’s relationship with the Avengers.

Sandman betrays Spider-Man

In “The Sinister Six” storyline Sandman betrays Spider-Man and joins the Sinister Six. In this storyline, the reformed villain Sandman.